Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Surprise

My husband took this last Tuesday off of work so we could spend the day together, after all it is suppose to be our vacation week. The day turned out to be a little different than we had planned, because we still had a box of peaches and two boxes of tomatoes in the garage that needed to turn into salsa and also just be canned. I didn't anticipate it would take the entire time out children were in school! It wasn't a bad day, just different. We had fun making more salsa, and I know we will enjoy it through out the year. And, we bottled 17 quarts of tomatoes, which will be great for spaghetti sauce.
While in the depths of our canning the doorbell rang and my husband went to explore. It was our son, he would've just walked in, but the door was locked. We hadn't seen him in awhile, he doesn't come around much. It was a joy to see him! We visited as if no time had really passed, and he tugged at my heart. I miss him. But, I know deep inside that God has him secure in His arms and all will turn out well. We gave him salsa, jam, and peaches. We enjoyed his presence, we liked just looking at him. It was a surprise to see him, and it was hard to see him go.
As a parent, I am constantly learning to let go of my adult children, especially my sons. Praying daily for God to take them in His hands and protect them. For God to make them strong warriors, Godly husbands, men that fear Him and love Him, men that stand up for what is right and have integrity no matter what the cost. And, sometimes the cost is great. As a parent, this is a difficult prayer and it's hard to let go. It's hard to watch. My husband and I know that the road ahead, although joyful with God, is also painful and with trials. And, with our son that came for a surprise visit, he has chosen an independent route, which is only painful. We watch, we pray, we wait, and above all, we will always love.
I do know Jesus has waited for me many a times. And, always loved me. I have taken many roads, and many of them without Him. So often my thoughts have been independent of Him, running off on my own, leaving Him behind. But, Jesus, being the Faithful One, was always keeping me, loving me, watching me, and praying for me. Always knowing there was a plan for my future, and waiting to bless me with those plans.
Jesus, Say That Again! You are mighty in my life. And, in the life of my son, in all my sons, and my daughter. You will bless, love, watch, keep, pray, and always wait.

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