Saturday, August 29, 2015

Rise Up, Again and Again!

If every woman were to RISE UP to the God-given position created  for her, how would our world be different? If we each used our voice to speak out about not just the pain and the fears, but the joys and the dreams, how could we change each day presented to us?
What if we RISE UP to the challenges and say yes, if we believe in the dreams that seem impossible, and know that love is constant because love is God. What if, together we RISE UP and in our weakness and vulnerability, we are strong through Jesus!
 If every woman were to RISE UP and accept the gifts from the Holy Spirit, how miraculous would that be?
Gifts of prophesy, healing, and speaking in tongues.
A Word of Knowledge, Discernment, and faith.
As the Spirit anoints the Saints, He stirs within women today. I know He is calling me to RISE UP and lead in more ways than I have before, RISE UP and speak in different ways than I have before, and be bold! 
RISE UP, women of God, in every way, for your Creator is calling you!
Say That Again!

Monday, August 24, 2015

The Long Journey

The road between my family of origin and my home is very long. It took me two long days to make the drive there a couple weeks ago, and now, my husband and I are driving back to our home again. 
Just like the long drive, these last two weeks have been a long journey for me. 
An insightful journey.
Delightful. Sad. Peaceful. Irritating. Joyful. Frightening. Hopeful. Heart-wrenching. Maddening. Funny. Quiet. Exhausting. Changing. Spirit-filled. Life-giving. Wanting. Needing. Lonely. Free. Delivering.
My Mother died.
It still sounds a little strange to say it.
I learned some things about her that I didn't know, and I realized that all children have trouble, in various degrees, seeing their parents as real people. 
My mother died, and it stirred a lot of emotion inside of me. The first thing I wanted to do was run to Jesus and pray. I needed to be in a quiet space, someplace alone with Him. My soul was able to delight in His comfort, the peace of His love.
He moved me in ways I've never been moved before. 
Thirsting for more of Him,
and for His filling in the gaps of my family.
Sometimes there is pain, and a void that hangs in the room after a loss. A loss of many years, loss of trust, loss of hope, loss of faith in each other. Nobody knows what to do, or where to start, but I do know that God will lead the way. 
Feeble bodies, minds, and souls can be lifted up into the heart of God and be healed. Families that are pained, will be healed.
Journeys are long. This is a long journey for me. 
I am so thankful that I am not on this journey alone. For God has promised to never leave me or forsake me.
Say That Again, My Lord and Savior!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Four Old Ladies

My day was spent with four old ladies, much older than me. I drove them to church. 
Three of them squished their soft bodies in the back seat of my car and buckled each other in.
Each of them are over eighty.
We drove to a little white country church with a tall steeple, and sat on a narrow pew. The church was full, our pew was shoulder to shoulder saints.
We sang old hymns, and blessed each and every child. It felt like I had gone back in time.
As I drove the car, listening to the four old ladies, I was so struck by the cycle of life. Each of them with a story about a husband or two, children near or far, grandchildren that once came to play. And now, so many of the people they once had in their lives, are gone or busy. 
They have each other.
Old ladies, old friends.
These women, so rich in life, yet in so many ways forgotten. So faithful to turn to God in prayer, because they know that is really the only way to win the battle, yet so many times never asked to pray. Women with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, yet so often pushed aside never to be heard. 
These women are thirty years older than me, a lot can change in thirty years! As I listened to them, and watched them, I prayed. I don't know what God has in store for me in the next thirty years, but I do know that I want more. I want more of Jesus, and more of His promises. I want more richness of relationship from family and friends, more love, growth, and wisdom. 
I want to be embraced, not pushed aside. 
I want all that Jesus has for me, to step into His Promised Land and thrive there.
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus!

Saturday, August 15, 2015


When you walk, your steps will not be impeded; and your foot will not stumble.
Proverbs 3:23

I just drove over 1800 miles in two days. It was a very long road trip. For the most part, it went very well. Near the end of my road trip, I felt a little tripped out. I spent much of my time on the phone talking to my husband.
 I was exhausted. 
The second day of my trip felt much longer than the first day, and I took more breaks. So, by the end of the day, it was dark when I was nearing my destination. I kept praying for God to keep me focused and awake. My husband directed me on the lonely country roads. It helped to have his voice in my ear as well as my friendly GPS.
The 1800 miles of road tripping was really amazing. It gave me time to think, pray, sing, cry, and listen to favorite books. I thought a lot about previous trips with me sons, and thanked God for the blessing I have in them. 
I loved the long stretches of sunflower fields and the beautiful acres of tall corn growing in the sun. I praised God for the farmers I saw working hard in the dirt, and the numerous cows grazing in the pastures. 
Life is precious.
Every step of the way.
There are so many golden moments. 
In the midst of loss and sadness, there are golden moments before us, precious times. This is what I love about God, He lays out such beauty and peace.
In my 1800 miles I felt some major irritation, too. It was like walking through a dry desert with no water, but even that period of time, God blessed me. He pulled me through, very gently. 
He showed me my fears.
Jesus, sometimes I start to feel like I'm tripping out inside my heart, and I need you to calm me down. You are always there. You have promised that I will not stumble when I walk with You.
Say That Again!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

When Death Visits

My mother died last night. Both of my brothers were with her, I'm happy she was not alone. She needed to have them with her. She was 85 years old.
It feels strange to me.
It feels sad.
It's 2am, I woke up from a restless sleep. I was thinking about my mother.
I keep telling myself that I need to hold off on feeling or thinking about this right now. Today is a very big day, my ministry team and I have been preparing for it for months. 
I need to focus.
But, focus may be challenging for me.
I remember the day my dad died; it felt strange.
In fact it seemed unreal, I didn't even tell anyone.
It took about a week for me to soak it in.
A friend called me last night to pray with me; it was comforting. She knew I would have all kinds of swirling thoughts, and I do.
Swirling thoughts.
It's a new chapter in life. Or maybe it's a new book. I am now without earthly parents. It's a strange place to be, I don't think any child ever imagines it to ever really be a reality.
Now it is.
It jumps me to my own life and my own children. Someday, they will be without a mother. And, even though they will have the eternal hope of seeing me again in the Kingdom; it will still be a loss for them that will be painful.
Death is painful.
I am sad.
I am sad for many reasons. 
I am praising God for His mercy toward my mother. She wanted to go, she was tired. 
Father, You hear our cry, and You answer.
Say That Again!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Image Bearer

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female he created them.
Genesis 1:27

David says this:

Yet You have made him a little lower than God, and You crown him with glory and majesty! You make him to rule the works of Your hands; You put all things under his feet.
Psalms 8:5-6

God created Eve to be His Image Bearer. He was calling her into a deep intimate relationship with Him, a long walk. A life time journey. He wanted her to study Him. He called her to make Him her center. 
She was also called to walked daily with her husband and be in relationship with him, but he was not the one that determined who she was! She was not called to reflect Adam, she was called to reflect God.
And, together, they were crowned with glory and majesty. Together they ruled the works of God's hands, together it was under their feet.
Eve was called to be a helper (ezer)  Genesis 2:18
Ezer is used sixteen times in the old testament, and means "strong helper" as in Warrior!
Adam was alone, and he needed a warrior by his side. Someone strong, someone that could lead at times, make wise decisions, share God's Word with all people, fight, and play. There's no way he could've done it alone.
No man can stand alone.
As a strong woman with a calling I know that my purpose is to be an Image Bearer and God's Warrior. This is His original design. His calling on my life has purposed me to speak His truth to all people when His Spirit prompts me to do so. 
Because He has crowned me with glory and majesty, He has given me gifts to lead in battle, and that is good.
What will you do with your gifts and abilities that God has given you? How are you being an Image Bearer today? How does your ezer benefit others?
Father, thank you for creating me with strength in Your Image, show me how to continually speak Your truth!
Say That Again!