Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Snare

One of the verses I read this morning was Proverbs 29:25  "Fearing people is a dangerous trap, but trusting the Lord means safety."
Sometimes I get this backwards, it is easier for me to fear people and not so easy for me to trust the Lord! When this happens, I feel like I am in danger and the snare has snatched me! I heard myself think it and speak it just the other day when I told a friend that I was not going to confide in her because I was afraid of her judgement toward me. Yup, caught right up in the dangerous trap of fearing people, and totally forgetting about trusting the Lord. It's a tough place to be, and I don't exactly find it a friendly, cozy place, but I've been known to spend many hours there.
This morning as God and I discussed my dilemma and He once again reminded me of His promise to keep my heart and soul safe in Him, I poured out my confession of fears to Him.
He is the One that picks me up out of the dangerous snare, and turns my face towards Him. Even when I waver, He does not. He repeats to me the same loving things over and over again, His love never ends, He is my Safety, forever. Say That Again, Lord Jesus, trusting You means my Safety and my Rescue from all that I fear.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Fabulous Fort

My children had a friend over for the weekend. They decided they should turn my daughters room into a fort. So, her into bedroom is basically covered in blankets and sheets with furniture all topsy turvy. They have the play room, the reading room, the sleeping room, etc...It's complicated to get to her closet, and her dresser, even her bed, but she likes it.
My mind jumps to the verse where I am told that Jesus is preparing a place for me in heaven and I wonder about that sometimes. Does that mean he speaks and then there's a mansion? Or, He is actually building a mansion, with a hammer and nails?  He is a Carpenter, after all.  Or is it all just a figure of speech and I really am not going to have a mansion at all? What kind of place is this?
Whatever is being prepared for me in the Heavenly places, I'm confident it will be very good. Say That Again, Lord Jesus, You have gone to prepare a place for me!

In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. John 14:2

Friday, February 22, 2013

The Parked Car

I drove my husbands car last night, and when I came home I parked it in the garage. I tend to park his car close to the front of the garage, because I want to be sure that when I close the garage door it's not going to hit the back of his car. I've had this issue before, and it's not pretty. My husband, he prefers that the car be parked perfectly in the center of the garage so there's room to walk in front of the car, I have not been able to master this yet. This morning, when he and my children went out to the garage, he commented on how difficult it was going to be to walk around the car because it was parked so far to the front of the garage. I commented on his comment, and well, marital bliss was not so blissful in my eyes. I closed the door to the garage and went to the bathroom to brush my hair, he drove off in my truck. The car, in it's forward position, stayed put.
Shortly after the comment dispute, a friend sent a text letting me know that she was praying for me. I whipped a response back to her, quick to let her know that it was needed because the stupid car was parked in the wrong spot!
God sent a little vision to my mind. Next time I come home in my husband car, and I pull into the garage, I wont go so far forward. I will stop further back. Before I close the garage door, I will get out and check, just to make sure I'm in far enough, then I'll close the door. Problem solved. Garages, cars, and me---we just don't mix well.  But, God, knows how to help even with this kind of stuff. I don't have to let my temper flair, even though I did have a moment.
Jesus, thank you for caring about my everyday life. Thank you for being the Way, for showing me how to live, for being my Hope and my Vision. Say That Again, Jesus, You are my everything!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Sweet Day

My two younger children have gone to spend some time with their older brother and our daughter in law. They were very excited about going and excited to do fun things with them. My husband and I were excited to have some time alone!
The first thing we did, was take a nap. Our house was very quiet, and the nap was a deep slumber that was much needed by both of us. The rest of our day consisted of a movie, ice cream, talks, playful times with Fur Ball, reading, and late night snacks. Today, we intend to do more of the same until we see our children again. It will be another Sweet Day, one that God blesses me with, and our marriage.
He has reminded me of the value of taking time to rest in relationship. It can be so easy to get busy, especially with children and work, it's challenging to find the time to just be still with each other. As I have considered this, I have thought about all my relationships, and God has showed me an interesting connection. The ones in which I feel safe enough to just be still, those are the ones that are restful and deep to me.  God wants me to be right there beside Him, friends, trusting, loving, pursuing, yet resting. His arms are open to me, giving me grace, and being a shelter of love and rest.
Jesus, enable me to be a shelter of love and rest in my relationships. Make each day a Sweet Day with each encounter I have. Say That Again, Lord Jesus, You are love, rest, and my Sweet Day!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Box, Book, and Buttons

My daughter doesn't cope well with life when she's tired, or when she loses something, or when her brother looks at her strangely. We had  one of those nights a couple evenings ago, and her world was in disarray. She moved away from her brother and came to s it by me, where we began to sort the buttons that I had in a jar. White, green, red, and yellow. She calmed right down; it kept her very busy and away from her brother. She was serving in a good way.
She came home from school needing a Valentines Day box for all her Valentine's. We found one, and I thought it would be fun to decorate it with her. She didn't seem to think that decorating the box would be that fun. To her, it was a lot more fun to watch me decorate the box, and God reminded me that there are numerous ways to serve.
I was browsing the internet and saw an idea of taking an old book and covering it with paper, or pictures, then on the inside remodel it to be personal. I was intrigued with that idea, so a couple days ago between appointments, I stopped at the thrift store to look at old books. One of the first books I saw was "The Book of Life"  it was one dollar!  So, I purchased it.  Just after that, I was listening to a sermon and the pastor said that if each of us were to actually write a true  story about our lives, and it were really true, we wouldn't be able to read it because of all the sin in our lives. But, then he continued on to say, thanks be to God for the gift of Jesus and what He has done to forgive us for all that sin. Thanks be to Jesus, who has taken us from sinners to Saints! Who has blessed every day of my life with love and abundance! Thanks be to Jesus who has made my life a book of life!
So, I covered the book with paper, I put buttons on it, and, I have started to remodel it. I like it a lot.It's like a box of blessings.
Today is Valentines Day. My husband and I will be celebrating this day tomorrow, and through the weekend. Another blessing. I have friends and family that will be loving my children, and blessing them. If I had a button for every blessing, I would be in craft heaven!
Jesus, Thank you for covering me and for loving me. You have given me life and blessings, Say That Again, Jesus, You are life, and You are the blessing!

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Junk Jar

My daughter in law and I bought a junk jar at the thrift store. The reason we were attracted to it was because it had tiny wooden shoes in it and salt shaker lids. Well, and some buttons, but the buttons were few. Last night, we opened the lid of the junk jar and investigated the contents; it was a long process. There were shiny beads, Lego, old spools of thread, an owl, a raggedy Anne, hooks, and endless junky treasure. As we took turns taking what we wanted, we talked, laughed, and enjoyed the company of each other. It was very nice. I am sometimes so amazed how God uses such simple things like junk jars, to build complex things like relationships. I have a memory now that I will treasure with my daughter in law, talking as we sorted through the junk jar.
It's a lot like life, I guess. Relationships will grow stronger as we talk through the junk. The more I sit down and take the stuff that belongs to me, my junk, and acknowledge it, the quicker I can move on. The deeper my relationships will grow. I don't have to hide my junk jar; it's okay to talk about it, sort through it, and allow others to see inside.
Jesus, You know all the junk, and You keep bringing out the treasure. Thank you for being my God!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Beautiful Baby

A couple days ago I went to visit a new friend. He was recently born, and he is only around 5 pounds. When I held him in my arms it felt like I was holding a feather, he was so light! He snuggled down in my arms and settled in for a nice nap. I settled in for a good long stare. As you know, I have beautiful grandchildren, all grandmothers do. This little guy though is so incredibly fragile and amazing to me, yet so tough! So loved and  precious. I've been thinking about him a lot and praying for him and his parents.
His little life keeps bringing me back to how much Jesus must love me, and all of us. I can look at this Beautiful Baby and instantly feel a love and friendship with a tiny little person.  How much more it must be for Jesus and His love for me? He knows more about me than I know about myself. He walks every step with me, guards my life with His own, hears my every thought and word, He shields me, wraps me, holds me, and has captured me. I am His Beautiful Baby! And, so are you!
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Princess Dance

A couple nights ago as my husband tucked my daughter into bed she asked him if Jesus danced. My husband said that he was certain Jesus was a dancer! I've thought of their conversation many times since that evening and pictured my daughter and Jesus dancing on some glorious day in heaven. The Princess and the King spinning around, my daughter with the sparkle in her eye, the mischief in her upturned mouth. And, the King of Kings, with complete grace and mercy in every turn and spin, laughter in his voice as He totally takes her in, dancing the moment away just for her. Ah, it's beautiful, and she will have that someday, and I will watch. Then, it will be my turn. I will dance with the King of Kings. I will be wrapped up in His arms in heaven celebrating my homecoming. It will be a glorious day! I'm thinking about the time when all His children are there with Him, celebrating at the banquet table. All of us will have a chance to dance with Him, eat with Him, worship Him in holy reverence.
I read in Revelation this morning;

"Are your ears awake? Listen, Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches. I'm about to call each conqueror to dinner. I'm spreading a banquet of Tree of Life fruit, a supper plucked from God's orchard." Revelation 2:7

My daughter is almost eight years old, and she has visions of dancing with Jesus. She is one of the conquerors being called to dinner!  I'm asking myself, "What is my vision with Jesus?" He is calling me to dance with Him right now, will I choose to take His hand and join the dance?  Everyday, He presents me with a dance, I just need to take hold and let Him lead.
Jesus, thank you for the Princess Dance. Thank you for inviting me. Say That Again, the dance is on!

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Pallet Man

So, I've been spending a little time on Pinterest. It's given me all kinds of ideas that I will probably never do! But, it inspired me enough to clean up the laundry room to make room for my small supply of crafts. And, as I was browsing, and talking to another friend that cruises Pinterest, I came upon some ideas for making wonderful projects out of pallets. Last week, as I drove around town I kept my eyes open for pallets, and I saw a huge stack of them outside a grocery store. But, I was alone, and in a a hurry, so I didn't take the time to stop and try to load them into my truck. But, I did tell my friend about them, she didn't hesitate to scold me for leaving them behind!!
This last weekend I told my husband about my pallet idea and asked him to drive behind some store in our town, so we took a detour and went behind the grocery store and the hardware store. On our way there, I saw a pick up with a trailer full of pallets. With wide eyes I commented on all the pallets in his truck and trailer, and with amazement I wondered where he came up with all the pallets and what was he going to do with them all? My husband drove around the pick up and we went behind the stores to continue our search, and sure enough, we found some pallets of our own. I wanted to just snatch them up and run, because I was sure that the Pallet Man in the pick up truck behind us was very near and was probably expecting to get these pallets too. But, my husband had to go into the store and talk to the gentleman at the counter about the pallets. I waited, practicing my patience. Well, sure enough, as I looked in the visor mirror the Pallet Man was driving up behind us, and he was staring at our car, he slowly drove up to our car, giving me the stare down the entire time. By this time, my husband had come out and was wrestling with the pallets. The Pallet Man parked in front of us and started to grab some other pallets and deliver them to his truck, frequently glancing back to see what we were doing.  My husband secured the pallets into our trunk, and we whisked away, leaving the Pallet Man to wonder who his new competitors were.
On our way home, I gently broke the news to my husband that my pallet project may include his help! Unless, of course, my friend thinks she can handle this without him, I won't be much help--heha
But, hey, I provided the pallets, and the mason jars!!
Oh, where am I going with all of this? The first word that comes to mind is adventure. It was an adventure with the man I love. God blessed me with a fun time, and my husband humored my silly desire to look for pallets. I love how God has given me such a blessing in the little things in life. I love how He has allowed me to see the humor in life and I can laugh, life is funny. The Pallet Man was funny, my husband was funny, and I laughed! It was a funny day! I'm thankful I serve a God of humor.
Say That Again, dear God, You laugh with me. It heals my soul.

Friday, February 1, 2013

The Turkey Burrito Thief

My son and daughter had a turkey burrito for breakfast. They were a little late getting down to the breakfast table this morning, so Fur Ball, being the sly dog that he is, decided that he would sneak over to the table and help himself to my son's burrito. My daughter and I were in the bathroom brushing her hair, and as she came around the corner, she saw him chomping down, half of the burrito hanging out of his mouth.  She let out a scream and ran to check on her own breakfast! Fur Ball saw me race around the corner and he started to chomp a little faster, he knew that he was in trouble! Well, trouble for Fur Ball anyway, I wagged my finger at him and told him "NO!" He chomped faster and started to race away, but I was quick on his heels this time, and I grabbed the turkey burrito right out of his mouth! Fur Ball looked at me with shocked surprise, and I said "NO." He turned himself around and headed to the table. The little stinker. I know he was hoping to grab my daughters turkey burrito right out of her mouth. But, instead, we established his place in the dining room after a firm talking to, and some concealed laughter :)
All I can say is that I think Fur Ball is probably pleased that his place of residence is secure. His behavior this morning was not so good, but I still love him, a lot. I love him more every day, actually. The cool thing is, he believes this. He knows he is loved deeply.
If my dog can believe this, I'm thinking that I am most certainly secure in the hands of God! It is not my behavior that determines His love for me or my salvation; it is how I believe!  My belief, will change my behaviors which is evidence of the Holy Spirit within me making me a witness for Jesus. The result? Peace.
Fur Ball may have been in trouble, but he never lost his security or his peace.
Jesus, Say That Again, You have given me eternal assurance, thank you!