Monday, February 11, 2013

The Junk Jar

My daughter in law and I bought a junk jar at the thrift store. The reason we were attracted to it was because it had tiny wooden shoes in it and salt shaker lids. Well, and some buttons, but the buttons were few. Last night, we opened the lid of the junk jar and investigated the contents; it was a long process. There were shiny beads, Lego, old spools of thread, an owl, a raggedy Anne, hooks, and endless junky treasure. As we took turns taking what we wanted, we talked, laughed, and enjoyed the company of each other. It was very nice. I am sometimes so amazed how God uses such simple things like junk jars, to build complex things like relationships. I have a memory now that I will treasure with my daughter in law, talking as we sorted through the junk jar.
It's a lot like life, I guess. Relationships will grow stronger as we talk through the junk. The more I sit down and take the stuff that belongs to me, my junk, and acknowledge it, the quicker I can move on. The deeper my relationships will grow. I don't have to hide my junk jar; it's okay to talk about it, sort through it, and allow others to see inside.
Jesus, You know all the junk, and You keep bringing out the treasure. Thank you for being my God!

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