Thursday, May 14, 2015


This evening I received a phone call that was disturbing. It was one of those calls that brought bad news, and reminded me once again of the catastrophic damage of brokenness. 
I am broken, and I come from a broken family. 
Because of the sins of my father and my mother, I have experienced  abuse, murder, suicide, and addictions.
The phone call I got today was about suicide. And it was painful.
The enemy of my soul seeks to destroy me and everyone in my family. He wants all of us to bow to our circumstances.
I'm here to say that I am wearing a crown, the King of Glory has given me one! I am seated in heavenly places, because my Savior put me there. I have the Keys to the Kingdom, I am welcome there. I am praising my Father through the dark valleys.
Because of Jesus Christ the enemy of my soul does not have authority over me!
The ripples slide over my life and I'm amazed at all the experiences. I'm amazed at the directions God has pointed me in, the light He has shone along the way. 
I am blessed.
Today there was a loss, and it's hard to believe. I still believe in the plan of my Father.
Say That Again!