Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Skit

The women's breakfast was a big blessing to me. God, used our skit to convey a message that was greatly needed. It was fun, good friends were involved, and everyone worked together on The Skit.
My husband took The Skit and made a music video, it displays the entire morning of fellowship.
God has changed my life in such an incredible way, He has blessed me with the ability to enjoy people! His word does say that if we do not love His people, we do not love Him. Those are powerful words. He does not want us living in isolation, moving away from others rather than towards them. He pursues us, and He desires us to pursue others. He has shown me the beauty in doing this.
Sometimes I have pursued others and my heart has been hurt because of it. But, it was still worth the effort. It's not a permanent hurt, He has taught me much through it all. And, I would do it all again to strengthen my relationship with Him.
Say That Again, Dear Jesus. You pursue me. And, through that I learn to pursue others. Thank you for all that You have taught me and blessed me with today!

The Backside

The weather here has been moody. We have sun, rain, hail, wind, warm and cold. It's a mixture of all the seasons, and I'm ready to move on to all sun.
We had a break in the clouds a couple days ago, so the kids grabbed their bikes and we went for a walk/ride. There were big puddles everywhere and a lot of mud, so my son and daughter had a great time riding through every puddle and getting soaked from them. On their backside, it was very muddy and wet! In the middle of our walk, it started to dump hail, and then rain on us, so it was a wet and cold experience. At the same time, it was a lot of fun watching my two children get completely soaked and muddy. They couldn't see their backsides, they had no idea how black they really were! They didn't care about the rain or the hail or even the cold, they were just having fun.
So true for me sometimes! There can be mud in my life, I can be all wet and cold, but I'm focused on something other than God and I do not see exactly how muddy I really am! God can be calling to me, telling me the issues, but stuff gets in the way, like rain and hail.
Jesus, keep my eyes clear. Keep my mind clear and move me through the rain and the hail. Jesus clean up my backside, show me all that you want me to see. Wrap me up, dry me off, and keep me warm in Your grace and love. Continue, as you always have, to wipe up the mud.
Say That Again, Jesus, You are my fortress, and You clean me up. You make me white as snow.

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Family

Our family gets together every Sunday evening for dinner and some kind of activity. Yesterday we went swimming, well, they went swimming. I sat in the hot tub and the sauna. I was tired, very tired and the idea of playing in the pool was more than I could muster up. It was fun watching them, I did enjoy that. My sons are so big! Men. And, it's mind boggling to see them with their wives. Time goes by so quickly, especially when looking back! When my three older boys were little it was hard to imagine that they would ever grow up! They are good men, good husbands, and good sons.
In a few years, I'll be saying the same thing about my two younger ones. We joke a lot about how we'll be in wheelchairs by the time our daughter walks down the aisle. And, when she's having the same old temper tantrum, I question if that time will ever come!
My Family is a blessing, God has been so good to me. I enjoy my sons, my daughters, and the life God has given all of us. I always look forward to seeing them and hearing about their lives. God is good.
Family, it is good. God's family has been good to me as well. I have been purchased with His blood, brought into His family. I've experienced tender love, and intense squabbles. His children are my siblings, and we have learned to grow up together and learned to extend compassion and grace upon each other.
Some members of The Family are like lost sheep. They have wandered off. I know the Good Shepherd will go after them, and I can leave them in His care. He knows their hearts, needs, and desires. My heart is for their good.
Good Shepherd, use me today to further Your Kingdom. Use me in Your Family. You have promised to extend Your hand over us and bring us into Your fold. You are good all the time, and I can rest in that. Say That Again, Jesus, Your hand is extended over all of Your family!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Word

For me, words can be very powerful.  They can heal or they can make lifetime wounds. Some people have vicious tongues, other's are more wise. I have had experience with both, and I prefer the wise. The vicious tongue, the accuser, gossiper, slanderer, and destroyer, this is what I am choosing to stay away from, in others and myself.
"Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me" It's not really true. But, I have found, that Jesus knows how to bind up the wounds, and He knows how to armor me from the impact of words from others.
His Word is where I will turn. His Word speaks truth into my life, heals me, points me to Him. His Word teaches me to love Him, fear Him, and blesses me with the tools I need to move forward.
"The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" Ps 111: 10. Wisdom to know when to walk away, wisdom to know when to stay, wisdom to know truth, love, boldness.  Wisdom to know His direction.
Jesus, Say That Again, The Word sustains me, because it is You.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Breakfast

I had the joy of joining other Saints in our community for a women's breakfast today. It was very fun.
God has called me to speak to women and it's a good thing. He has redeemed many hurts and losses. It is very exciting to me to be able to serve Him and praise Him for all the ways He blesses me as a woman.
Jesus, it's been a long road for me. I have cried out to you many times, and every time You have answered. Say That Again, Jesus! You will answer.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The Chapter

So, I woke up feeling irritable. I slept well, so I don't think that was my issue. God and I had some conversation about it, and it seems to always come back to safety for me. Do I feel safe? Does my world feel secure? Can I surrender that need to Jesus? He challenges me in this area a lot, and continually reminds me that IN His love I am safe. It's about relationship with Him, and through Him there is peace.
As God and I were discussing my issues this morning, and my irritation was only increasing, He referred me to Colossians 3, naturally, it talks about irritation!
In the Message these words stood out clearly: "But you know better now, so make sure it's all gone for good: bad temper, irritability, meaness, profanity, dirty talk."
What? I can't have moments? It says gone for good. Huh, that's interesting, and clear. Jesus was quick to remind me again of His tender love for me and that He is here all the time. My spirit is His Spirit, I need to rejoice in that.
"So, chosen by God for this new life of love, dress in the wardrobe God picked out for you: compassion, kindness, humility, quiet strength, discipline. Be even-tempered, content with second place, quick to forgive an offense. Forgive as quickly and completely as the Master forgave you. And regardless of what else you put on, wear love. It's your basic all purpose garment. Never be without it."
Okay, okay, I get it! Just in case it rains all day, Jesus, Say That Again!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Girls

The school year is almost over. My son is very excited about having a break from the daily routine. My life is going to be different too, I won't be spending time homeschooling the girls! My daughter and her friend are in kindergarten and I have been teaching them two days a week. They are best friends and spend a total of four days a week together. I think they will miss each other. I will miss having the break. But, the summer is going to be fun, and I am looking forward to it.
Next school year, my youngest will go off to first grade, and again, my life will be very different. I will have a lot of free time (maybe).
Change is good, it develops faith, growth, and more change. I like that. It stretches me to be better. God is all about change, and He has promised to walk with me through all of them. Just as He will walk with the girls as they grow and move on to bigger adventures in their little lives.
For me, life has often felt like school. There's been so much growing, so much changing, so much walking and running. God has been a magnificent Teacher, always full of grace and love for me.
Jesus, keep teaching me. Jesus keep showing me Who You are, and keep walking beside me. Say That Again to me, Sweet Jesus, You are the great Teacher in my life!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Purse

I found this great purse at the second hand store. It's great, because it's big enough for my lap top and various other necessities. Well, they seem like necessary items most of the time, but the reality is, I would be fine without them too.
Isn't that often the case? I've had necessary protections around my heart, when in reality, Jesus is the only protection I really need. I've carried purse loads of stuff with me so I can be "safe" when, in truth, those are the very things that damage me!
Jesus, Say That Again to me, and continually remind me to lay my purse down at Your Feet!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tornado

One of my dearest, oldest, closest friends lives in Joplin, the town that was destroyed yesterday by a tornado. She's out in the country, so her home was spared, thank God! She was safe too. She left on a plane only about an hour before it hit.
I watched the devastation on the news, and wondered how I could help.  Where will all these people go? How will they cope? Why did this happen?
I praised God for keeping my friend safe. And, for keeping others safe too.
What is the next step for all them? They have been hit.
The enemy is like a tornado. He invades our space and whips around trying to destroy everything about us. He takes out everything and everyone in his path. He is vicious, just like this tornado. He doesn't care about anything, except destruction.
Jesus, You do rescue from the enemy.  You save. You are a mighty God. I don't always understand why things like this happen. I don't know where to put it in my brain so that it makes sense. I will just keep trusting you and looking to You and I will believe that You are in control. You are God!
Jesus, Say That Again to me today. You are in control, and You will be the safeguard of my heart.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Mask

I use to wear a mask, several of them actually. I didn't know any other way to live. It was survival.
Now, I've put my masks away. Just like the velveteen rabbit, I am real.
It started with learning about His Grace and His love for me, when I began to understand that, I was able to, ever so slowly, take off a mask or two. It's been a long process. There have been those times I'd remove a mask, then quickly grab it back because it was far too scary without it.
"I'm not okay everyday" that's reality, that's mask-free living. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I don't want to be with anybody. Sometimes I just do not feel well!
I have learned that even when I am real about how I feel, I am still free in Jesus. I am still covered in His grace. I am still His child, loved and adored by Him, and most important, I am saved! I have learned that when I live mask free, He swoops me up in His arms and keeps me.
I have also discovered that not everyone adores my mask free style. Sometimes that fact that I don't feel all happy, doesn't settle well with others. I get judged for being sad, or just for feeling what may be on my heart. I get turned away for being honest. It's okay. I'd rather be mask free and honest, than walk around with a covering that shields me from God's light.
So, today, I am moving ahead in life,and relationship, facing them head on with truth. His truth. I will continue to trust In Him and continue to say what is on my heart, knowing others will benefit as well as myself.
Say That Again to me loving Father. You are mask free, and You desire that for me everyday, all the time. Thank you for giving me Your Spirit of courage!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Rock

It's been a great day! Relaxing, peaceful, fun.
We hiked our hill. We went to a community garage sale. We ate frozen yogurt with berries. And, we sat by the bonfire and roasted marshmallows. We made s'mores.
There's a lot of work to do around here, didn't do too much. My husband cut the grass, and that was enough. I threw a load of clothes in the washer, they haven't seen the dryer yet.
I like days like this. Gods gift of rest to me and my family. I get tired by the end of the week, and I need "plopping" moments. He gives them to me and to my family.
On days like today I try to meditate on His promises. I remember His words telling me to be anxious over nothing, but to trust IN Him. I need that right now, because I am a little anxious about what our future holds.
Say That Again, Jesus, continue to tell me to rest my feet upon the Rock and trust in You. Be anxious for nothing.

The Coffee

One of my favorite things to do is have coffee with friends. I have one friend that meets with me every week or so and we visit and pray. It's usually a two hour coffee, and it's very nice. I am very blessed to have wise women in my life. I am so blessed to have dear friends. She and I have journeyed together through some heavy trials. She has always been there to love me and support me. She's been a Godsend.
Friends are such a gift! My earthly friends are a reflection of Jesus. They walk with Him, and they walk with me. And, in His love and grace, He enables me to walk with them.
Jesus, you are my friend! You, I can count on, talk to, and enjoy. It's so nice! Say That Again, Jesus. You are my friend!

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Walk

It's a beautiful day here--yippee!! We have sun and a light breeze.  The trees are green with leaves and there are flowers blooming in many yards.  It's warm, not too hot.  Just perfect!
My daughter and I dropped my son off at school this morning and then came to our ministry house to make spaghetti sauce.  As soon as that was done we decided to go for a walk.  It turned into a 3.5 mile walk with a smoothie for a pit stop. She rode her bike and she did great. It was very nice and it reminded me of when we use to live downtown and my son and I would walk everyday through the neighborhood.  It started with him in his stroller, then he graduated to his tricycle, then to his cool jeep, then on to his bike.  We would spend most every morning exploring the neighborhood, up and down ally's, and stopping at coffee shops for treats.
My walk with God has been like those walks.  I started in a stroller not having a clue really where I was going or what I was doing.  Then, as I got to know my Savior better, I moved up to a tricycle, then a car, then my bike!  I've learned to trust Him with the direction I'm going and learned to let Him steer me.  He has always walked beside me, never leaving me.
Now, today, He walks still with me as I process some major stress in our life.  What is going to happen? Where will we end up? How will this problem be solved? Will God pull through this time?
He will.  It may look different than I think it should, or hope it will. But, I do know He will walk beside me, and He will cherish me.
Say That Again, Jesus, You will walk beside me ALWAYS!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Broken

The moment Eve grabbed that fruit and took a big bite; it was clearly downhill from there. Then, when Adam decided to do the exact same thing, nothing could ever be the same. They began to decline, and it did not feel good to either of them.
It started in her mind, got so much worse when she saw with her eyes, then acted upon the thought. And, Adam, standing right there beside her the whole time, acted as well.  What was he thinking? Why didn't he stop her? Why didn't he protect her?
I've wondered how often they discussed the incident later. What seemed like a relatively small event became life changing for everyone. The entire human race has been effected by the choice they made in the garden.
How many choices do I make that effect a lineage of people? Life changing choices, good and bad? How many times am I set in my ways, my comfort, not even realizing the impact I'm making on someone else, or the future of my children?
The words that are spoken too, can impact for a lifetime. They can change everything. Thoughts that lead to actions, that lead to a lifetime of change.  The negative track that can run through my mind, can be traced back to a lifetime of choices by someone.
Sins that creep up, like pride, deceit, selfishness, manipulation, control, and so much more. I've encountered all of these, and I've had to be broken In Christ to let them go.  What does that look like for me? It's back to surrender, again. I've had to give it all to Him, knowing I can't do anything on my own. Give it to Him, and believe that through my brokenness, He will make me complete IN Him.  Through Him, I can recognize the creeping sin, pray to Him for release, and move forward IN His light. It's good.  Still, how do I live with the sins and choices of others? I forgive, and I let go. In return, He gives me peace and joy.
It all seems like a long track of stuff, really.  And, I guess it is, because the enemy continues to pound his way through lives, constantly trying to get me off track. To convince me of his way. Jesus fills me with His Spirit and blesses me with the boldness to stay on track, surrendered to His way, not mine.
Dear God, Say That Again to me today. Broken in You, so I am complete In You. It's good.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Shooters

Ready, Aim, Shoot!
Say That Again, Jesus, "Be ready, Aim towards me, shoot for my goals!"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Fight

It rained ALL day yesterday and I woke up feeling unhappy about that.  Normally, I like the rain, but when we get it everyday (slight exaggeration) I'm not liking it so much. As my husband pointed out to me, "We've only had about 4 days of sun this year!"  That didn't really help my mood, at all, and I was quick to sarcastically "thank" him!
The not so happy feeling, turned into an all out fight within me. All day long I battled with thoughts of despair, joylessness, quitting, anger, jealousy, and frustration. God and I dialogged about this all day. I would give Him my thoughts, and feel better for about 30 seconds, then they were back again. GRRR, again, I would plead with God to take negative thoughts, show me the root, free me from myself! The constant surrender to His way, the fight of taking it back, the hope of something better, the rest in knowing that He is in control, the drain of the day.  Yes, it went on and on.
Jesus, today, You have blessed me with sun. You have given me strength and desire to live today with You by my side. You, walking with me, holding me, showing me the way. When I am tired, I know You will carry me, and shine light on the path You have laid out before me.  I know You will fight for me, today, and everyday.
So, I'm not running today, I'm resting IN Him, knowing that His plan does prevail. He has a plan, which is reassuring. His plan is one of restoration, hope, redemption, and peace. I like that better then the plans that pop up in my head. His plan works.
So, Say That Again, Jesus. You are here beside me, fighting for me, being my advocate in every walk of life. Your light shines ever bright!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sweet Surrender

Every day, I seem to be faced with something to surrender.  It's not always an easy process, especially if I think I need to be in control!  Surrender my stuff, surrender my family, surrender my friends, surrender my hopes and my dreams. The list goes on forever. I am more the type to fight, fight to the end. Surrender is not natural. And, sometimes I do wonder, "how sweet is it really?" Actually, I think it's the process of surrender that comes so unnaturally, and can feel frightening too. It takes faith and trust, a couple more things that aren't so easy for me. But, once the process is worked through and the surrender is complete; it truly is sweet. I can take a big breath and just relax. It's not mine anymore, it's HIS.
Jesus, today I need to hear Your steady voice and I want to surrender my all to You.  I will admit that this is not an easy thing to do.  "What if it hurts?" I ask.  "What if I can't do it?" But, I know that through You, all is possible.  Through You it is sweet.  Through You, surrender brings completion, relief, joy, and peace.
Say That Again, Dear Jesus. Sweet Surrender.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Brothers

These two guys use to fight. They didn't like each other. Now, they are friends. Their wives are friends. They enjoy each other.
I feel blessed to have these men in my life, my sons. God has given them to me to challenge me, enrich me, and grow me.
And, He has given them to each other.
Say That Again, Dear Jesus! You are growing me, challenging me and enriching me. Thank you!

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Merry-Go-Round

We went to a park today, all 13 of us. It's beautiful there and we had a great walk. It's sunny again in Portland, so we know that is a blessing. We found the playground and enjoyed everything there. The merry go round was the best. It's old fashioned fun, and we spent a lot of our time spinning. Adults and children, round and round and still around.
Yes! Sometimes life can feel like a merry go round. The same spin, maybe a different story. The same thing everyday, life, the vicious cycle.
How do I get off the merry go round?
To me, whether I'm on the spinning cycle or walking off to some other adventure, I want Jesus to take the lead. I need Him to be The Spinner of my life, and my soul seeks to trust Him with the direction He is taking me.
He's given me companions to travel this life with me, my family and my friends, and best of all, His Spirit.
Say That Again, Jesus, whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going, even on the days I'm spinning, You are there!

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The Deal

This morning in our hotel room we watched "Let's make a Deal" this was fun. I use to watch this show when I was little, with my grandma. My two children, Eli and Ruby loved watching this and trying to guess which deal was the best.
It brings me to the question of deals in life. What kind of deals do I make? Do I try to make deals with God? Do I believe that if I'm "good" God will bless me? Do I make deals with His people?
I think I do, sometimes. I think my challenge is to move through life without the deals. To face each day with the sole intent of knowing Jesus and being IN His presence. To believe that my relationship with Him has nothing to do with my circumstances.
I choose to live deeply rooted IN Him, this means I must loose myself. My goal, my priority, my life must be about relationship with Him, and faith that He knows what I need more than I know.
Okay Jesus, say that Again to me. Because You are full and complete IN me, use me to reflect the power of who You are.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Nap

We left yesterday for our sons graduation. we are proud of his accomplishments. But, beyond that, we are humbled by the man he has become. A Godly man, a loving husband, a tender brother.
We saw him and his wife last night, they've been packing up their apartment, ready to move. Our son took a two hour nap in the middle of the chaos. He is good at taking breaks :-)
I like naps too. And, on our way out yesterday, our dog rested her head on Cliffs shoulder and napped.
Jesus, I just want to rest IN you. Keep me running into your arms when my heart needs a nap.
Say that again to my soul, Jesus. "Come nap in my arms, dear daughter. "

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Dirt

My husbands face after cleaning out the trailer!
Jesus, clean me, wash me, make me whiter than snow.
Say That Again, whiter than snow!

The Rest

Ah, today I am resting. I'm sitting on my bed right now, and I do not intend to move from here for a couple hours at least. I'm tired. I've had several fast paced days, all of them good, all of them rewarding. Now, I am tired and I need some time to just be alone, pray, think, sleep. Rest, it's a good thing.
The sun is shining today, I've been waiting for a day like this for months now. So, later on, I'm going to go outside and soak up some sun, that's gonna be nice.
This morning, God spoke to my heart and directed me to Ephesians 6. The chapter starts out by instructing me to honor my Father and Mother, and if I do my days will be long upon the earth.  It was my reminder to call my mother, just to say "Hi", to practice honoring her in ways that God instructs me.
Later in the chapter it's all about putting on the Armor of God, which is Jesus Christ. He is our Armor. It reveals that God wants me to be strong, and He is strong. So, I am to take all that He has provided for me and put them to good use, then I will be able to stand up to everything the Devil throws my way. I must take all that He offers me, so that when I am on the other side, I will still be on my feet, strong IN Him.
I cannot forget to pray. Prayer for others, prayer for myself, so that no one falls behind or drops out.  Prayer is my biggest and best weapon against the schemes of the enemy. Pray is restful.
So, as I rest, I will pray for His Armor to be tightly fit upon me.  I will pray for His wisdom, His leading hand, and His light. It is good, and through Him I am strong. This is God's adventure, and there is no turning back now. This is the life, full and alive In Him, and restful.
Say That Again, Jesus, life with You is full, adventurous, and restful. You have armored me.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The Grace

We  had a lovely Mother's Day brunch at our ministry house, and we had a lot of lovely people come through and eat yogurt parfaits,French toast, quiche, and dip yummy treats into a chocolate fountain. It was nice. It was busy. It was rewarding.
Later that afternoon, I was gifted with a call from my son in Oregon, and gifted with the company of our oldest son and our daughter in law. We walked along the lake, and we had a great visit. We went out for dinner, and that was very nice. My two little ones made me gifts, a coffee bank and a picture frame.  It was very nice.
I was also blessed with a Starbucks card and some clothes.
Mostly, I believed in The Grace of God. This morning I read Romans 11. In verse 6 it says: "And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace." Grace is free from God. Grace covers up my sin; it covers up the brutality. It is grace that saves me, grace that compels me, grace that teaches me. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! It is because of Jesus, that I have grace. Because of His mercy towards me, I am saved by His grace.
When I fall, it is The Grace of Jesus that picks me up. He grafts me into His vine, and blesses me with salvation. He takes the pain, the brutality of human nature, and He saves those that love Him. He proclaims me as holy, and He feeds my soul. And, for all those that believe in Him, His grace is sufficient, and they will be a part of His vine.
In verse 29, I am reminded that "God's gifts and his call are irrevocable." That means His gift of grace to me is there to stay. The calling upon my life is eternal, He does not take it away. Because of this great promise, there is nothing anyone can do or say that will deter me. He is with me always, His truth is within me, His love is forever, and I will stand with Him. It's grace that walks me on His eternal path, and grace that sets me free!
Say That Again, Jesus, Your grace is mine, and it is mine forever. Glory to Your name!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Brutality

I was asked yesterday what the last few months have felt like for me. My answer was "brutal".  It's been brutal on so many levels. Is the Body of Christ suppose to be brutal? Even when there are problems, issues, complications, and conflicts, why is brutality inserted? Why are assumptions made, doors closed, words said that shouldn't be? How could it be done differently? How can my role in The Church change the brutality and further the Kingdom? How can I be used to promote safety, demote brutality?
I'm not the only one that has felt this way. And, because of this, I am sad.
Who tells me what to do, who commissions me into a calling for the Kingdom? Who brings me to a place where I reflect safety, therefore His body is safe?
Is God safe? Or, is He like the book Narnia says: "Aslan is not safe, but He is good"?  I know God is good, He is my Protector, so if He is my Protector, does that mean He is my Safety too? And, what exactly is safety?
My conclusion is that He is safety for my soul and my heart. Even through the brutality, my soul has remained safe, my heart has grown. And, others have grown as well, and changed. I have learned, so have others. Grace has been given, grace has been taken. And, hopefully, if there is ever another round, love will be shown, safety will be extended, hope will prevail.
I am going to continue on the path God has set me on.  I will seek restoration, and bind brutality. I will know what to look for, next time, that hidden pain that circles around striking out at those that least expect it. And, I will face it with the boldness of His Spirit.
So, Jesus, You have made me stronger, and You are gently nudging me along the path of light. You continue to Say That Again to me when I am discouraged and want to run the other way.  You say to me "STAY!"

The Truth

This is a day that I am praying for truth. I have some sorting to do. There's been a lot of "stuff" floating around and I need God to reveal to me what is truth in all the stuff and what is not. There's been a lot of people involved, and that makes for a lot of opinions.
I had a discussion with someone yesterday and some of her experiences reminded me of that feeling of being excluded. That sickening reality of not being invited into the life of another.  It happens, I've been there and it doesn't feel good. The door is shut in my face with no explanation, and I cannot get it open!
I'm asking myself why I even try to open the door. What's the point, if I'm not invited? I can stand at the door and knock, but there is no answer.  The truth is, the door is locked and only God has the key.
Jesus. continue to walk with me. Take me to the doors that You want me to go in.  Give me the patience to keep knocking. Light the way, open the door with Your key. Show me Your truth, Your reality, Your life.  Help me to do the sorting, I know I cannot do it all on my own.
Bring everyone involved to the same conclusions.  Bring the heart of openness, invitation, willingness, to Your Body. Sort it out, lead the way.
Jesus, You are truth. Your Spirit soars within me and I am free IN You. Your revelations are truth and hope. You, Jesus, know the way, because the way is YOU.
Say that again, to me and open doors for me. I'm knocking!

Friday, May 6, 2011

The Ear Piece

My husband gave me an ear piece for my phone. I love it, because I make most of my phone calls in the car. This allows me to be hand free!
I couldn't find it yesterday. Bummer.
I found it this morning, in the washer. Double bummer.
My husband tested it out; it doesn't work anymore. It is clean though!
I'm so glad I don't need an ear piece for God to hear me. What a relief. Anywhere, anytime He hears!
Say That Again, Jesus. You always hear me!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Garden

We've decided to start a Community Garden. My husband and a friend have been building raised beds in the back yard of our ministry house. One more to go, then the dirt, then the plants. Friends are donating plants, everything from tomatoes, melons, peppers. I can't wait to watch it grow and to share the harvest with those we love.
This is our summer project, and hopefully, everyone will enjoy the fellowship of planting, growing, and harvesting together. It just reminds me of when I was a child and I'd go to my grandparents house in the summer. My grandpa had a very large garden in his back yard and he loved to work in it. The tomatoes were the best, and I could go out and pick one anytime I wanted to and eat it right off the vine. My grandma canned the tomatoes, beans, beets, and the fruit from their trees. I want to do that too.
God has blessed us with the means to build a garden, He will make it grow through our hands. I'm praying for an abundance of fruit in my life as well. I want to harvest blessings along with our garden.
I read in Isaiah this morning, chapters 40 and 41. In 40, verse 11 it reads "He will feed His flock like a shepherd. He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart. He will gently lead the mother sheep with their young."
Yes, He will continue to feed me and He will lead me. I will not fall under the enemies attacks, because my Shepherd is holding me in His arms!
Say That Again, Dear Shepherd, You are feeding me, holding me, and leading me!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Collection

My husband has a couple of collections. One is Mountain Dew. He has all kinds of cans and bottles of Mountain Dew, from all over the world. He loves to drink Mountain Dew as well, so does his sons.
His next collection is phones. He has a nice display of all his cell phones on his shelf at work. He loves cell phones and he has always had the last updated version. It's his area!
He's a great guy! He strives to make his home as it is in God's kingdom, and to me, that makes him a collectible! He's worth keeping, and he brings me and his children great joy.
So, for Wordless Wednesday, tomorrow I have a picture of his cell phone collection.
Jesus, thank you for the gift of my husband. Say That Again, to me, he is a collectible!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Poop

So, my stinky dog really did it this time. She had a major accident, in my car, on the back seat. It's not really any fault of hers, she was having a "runny" day, and I shouldn't have left her in the car. She had too many leftovers the day before.
I met my daughter in-law for coffee, we were only in the coffee shop for about an hour, but when we came back out to the car, it was not a pretty sight, or smell.
My dog had pooped a very runny, stinky poop all over the back seat!
I had my two younger children with me, and they were holding their noses and protesting loudly!
I didn't have any way to clean it up, right there on the street, so my son piled in the very back (so as to not sit in poop) and my daughter sat way over on the other side.
Stinky dog got to sit in the front, so she wouldn't jump into the poop. She seemed embarrassed about the entire ordeal, and seemed to be wondering if we were going to be upset with her.
We made it to the house, and I drove in the alley right up beside the garbage cans. There was an old shirt in my car, the positives of not cleaning out the car. So I proceeded to wipe up the mess.
It was a lot of work, cleaning, scrubbing, more cleaning. I left all the doors open so it could air out.
I used dish soap, leather cleaner, leather oil. Now, my seats are all very clean, and the car smells great. But, it was a stinky process and the next day, my dog stayed home. Just to be sure she was over her runny ordeal.
Even though I didn't enjoy this gross, stinky episode in my life, it did not change the way I feel about my dog! My love never waned. She, in my opinion is the best dog ever, and I love her. I was willing to clean up her mess, because I do love her. I was willing to go the extra mile!
If I can do this for my dog, then I can do this for my family and my friends. Through the Spirit of Jesus, who is all love, I can be there for them and listen to their mess. I can support them, love them, be the friend God commissions me to be.
He has done that exact thing for me. He cleans up the stink in my life and renews me everyday. He washes me with His blood, and sees my heart, not my stink. Wow, what a magnificent gift, don't you think?
Say That Again, Jesus, You wash me and make me whole IN You. You clean up the stink in my life, and in the lives of others. You, oh God, are good!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Car

My son and daughter have purchased a car. He took the train to Portland to make this purchase, then drove his new car home. It's very nice.
When he got back into town last night, they drove to our house so we could see The Car. We all sat in it, then we went for a drive to the top of the hill. We went fast, and glided around the corners. It was fun.
Even though it's not our car, we shared in the excitement with our son and daughter. We want them to be happy. We want them to have good things.
Just the way Jesus feels about me. He is excited for me to receive good gifts. He wants me to be happy.
Say That Again, Jesus. You want to bless me in Your way, with Your gifts!