Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Mask

I use to wear a mask, several of them actually. I didn't know any other way to live. It was survival.
Now, I've put my masks away. Just like the velveteen rabbit, I am real.
It started with learning about His Grace and His love for me, when I began to understand that, I was able to, ever so slowly, take off a mask or two. It's been a long process. There have been those times I'd remove a mask, then quickly grab it back because it was far too scary without it.
"I'm not okay everyday" that's reality, that's mask-free living. Sometimes I am tired. Sometimes I don't want to be with anybody. Sometimes I just do not feel well!
I have learned that even when I am real about how I feel, I am still free in Jesus. I am still covered in His grace. I am still His child, loved and adored by Him, and most important, I am saved! I have learned that when I live mask free, He swoops me up in His arms and keeps me.
I have also discovered that not everyone adores my mask free style. Sometimes that fact that I don't feel all happy, doesn't settle well with others. I get judged for being sad, or just for feeling what may be on my heart. I get turned away for being honest. It's okay. I'd rather be mask free and honest, than walk around with a covering that shields me from God's light.
So, today, I am moving ahead in life,and relationship, facing them head on with truth. His truth. I will continue to trust In Him and continue to say what is on my heart, knowing others will benefit as well as myself.
Say That Again to me loving Father. You are mask free, and You desire that for me everyday, all the time. Thank you for giving me Your Spirit of courage!

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