Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Truth

This is a day that I am praying for truth. I have some sorting to do. There's been a lot of "stuff" floating around and I need God to reveal to me what is truth in all the stuff and what is not. There's been a lot of people involved, and that makes for a lot of opinions.
I had a discussion with someone yesterday and some of her experiences reminded me of that feeling of being excluded. That sickening reality of not being invited into the life of another.  It happens, I've been there and it doesn't feel good. The door is shut in my face with no explanation, and I cannot get it open!
I'm asking myself why I even try to open the door. What's the point, if I'm not invited? I can stand at the door and knock, but there is no answer.  The truth is, the door is locked and only God has the key.
Jesus. continue to walk with me. Take me to the doors that You want me to go in.  Give me the patience to keep knocking. Light the way, open the door with Your key. Show me Your truth, Your reality, Your life.  Help me to do the sorting, I know I cannot do it all on my own.
Bring everyone involved to the same conclusions.  Bring the heart of openness, invitation, willingness, to Your Body. Sort it out, lead the way.
Jesus, You are truth. Your Spirit soars within me and I am free IN You. Your revelations are truth and hope. You, Jesus, know the way, because the way is YOU.
Say that again, to me and open doors for me. I'm knocking!

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