Monday, May 2, 2011

The Poop

So, my stinky dog really did it this time. She had a major accident, in my car, on the back seat. It's not really any fault of hers, she was having a "runny" day, and I shouldn't have left her in the car. She had too many leftovers the day before.
I met my daughter in-law for coffee, we were only in the coffee shop for about an hour, but when we came back out to the car, it was not a pretty sight, or smell.
My dog had pooped a very runny, stinky poop all over the back seat!
I had my two younger children with me, and they were holding their noses and protesting loudly!
I didn't have any way to clean it up, right there on the street, so my son piled in the very back (so as to not sit in poop) and my daughter sat way over on the other side.
Stinky dog got to sit in the front, so she wouldn't jump into the poop. She seemed embarrassed about the entire ordeal, and seemed to be wondering if we were going to be upset with her.
We made it to the house, and I drove in the alley right up beside the garbage cans. There was an old shirt in my car, the positives of not cleaning out the car. So I proceeded to wipe up the mess.
It was a lot of work, cleaning, scrubbing, more cleaning. I left all the doors open so it could air out.
I used dish soap, leather cleaner, leather oil. Now, my seats are all very clean, and the car smells great. But, it was a stinky process and the next day, my dog stayed home. Just to be sure she was over her runny ordeal.
Even though I didn't enjoy this gross, stinky episode in my life, it did not change the way I feel about my dog! My love never waned. She, in my opinion is the best dog ever, and I love her. I was willing to clean up her mess, because I do love her. I was willing to go the extra mile!
If I can do this for my dog, then I can do this for my family and my friends. Through the Spirit of Jesus, who is all love, I can be there for them and listen to their mess. I can support them, love them, be the friend God commissions me to be.
He has done that exact thing for me. He cleans up the stink in my life and renews me everyday. He washes me with His blood, and sees my heart, not my stink. Wow, what a magnificent gift, don't you think?
Say That Again, Jesus, You wash me and make me whole IN You. You clean up the stink in my life, and in the lives of others. You, oh God, are good!

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