Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Purse

I found this great purse at the second hand store. It's great, because it's big enough for my lap top and various other necessities. Well, they seem like necessary items most of the time, but the reality is, I would be fine without them too.
Isn't that often the case? I've had necessary protections around my heart, when in reality, Jesus is the only protection I really need. I've carried purse loads of stuff with me so I can be "safe" when, in truth, those are the very things that damage me!
Jesus, Say That Again to me, and continually remind me to lay my purse down at Your Feet!

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  1. ooh, such a nice reminder! thanks for this, we need to remember that Jesus is ALL we really need. (of course, purses and shoes are something I never have enough of! )


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