Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Girls

The school year is almost over. My son is very excited about having a break from the daily routine. My life is going to be different too, I won't be spending time homeschooling the girls! My daughter and her friend are in kindergarten and I have been teaching them two days a week. They are best friends and spend a total of four days a week together. I think they will miss each other. I will miss having the break. But, the summer is going to be fun, and I am looking forward to it.
Next school year, my youngest will go off to first grade, and again, my life will be very different. I will have a lot of free time (maybe).
Change is good, it develops faith, growth, and more change. I like that. It stretches me to be better. God is all about change, and He has promised to walk with me through all of them. Just as He will walk with the girls as they grow and move on to bigger adventures in their little lives.
For me, life has often felt like school. There's been so much growing, so much changing, so much walking and running. God has been a magnificent Teacher, always full of grace and love for me.
Jesus, keep teaching me. Jesus keep showing me Who You are, and keep walking beside me. Say That Again to me, Sweet Jesus, You are the great Teacher in my life!

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