Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Skit

The women's breakfast was a big blessing to me. God, used our skit to convey a message that was greatly needed. It was fun, good friends were involved, and everyone worked together on The Skit.
My husband took The Skit and made a music video, it displays the entire morning of fellowship.
God has changed my life in such an incredible way, He has blessed me with the ability to enjoy people! His word does say that if we do not love His people, we do not love Him. Those are powerful words. He does not want us living in isolation, moving away from others rather than towards them. He pursues us, and He desires us to pursue others. He has shown me the beauty in doing this.
Sometimes I have pursued others and my heart has been hurt because of it. But, it was still worth the effort. It's not a permanent hurt, He has taught me much through it all. And, I would do it all again to strengthen my relationship with Him.
Say That Again, Dear Jesus. You pursue me. And, through that I learn to pursue others. Thank you for all that You have taught me and blessed me with today!

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