Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Tornado

One of my dearest, oldest, closest friends lives in Joplin, the town that was destroyed yesterday by a tornado. She's out in the country, so her home was spared, thank God! She was safe too. She left on a plane only about an hour before it hit.
I watched the devastation on the news, and wondered how I could help.  Where will all these people go? How will they cope? Why did this happen?
I praised God for keeping my friend safe. And, for keeping others safe too.
What is the next step for all them? They have been hit.
The enemy is like a tornado. He invades our space and whips around trying to destroy everything about us. He takes out everything and everyone in his path. He is vicious, just like this tornado. He doesn't care about anything, except destruction.
Jesus, You do rescue from the enemy.  You save. You are a mighty God. I don't always understand why things like this happen. I don't know where to put it in my brain so that it makes sense. I will just keep trusting you and looking to You and I will believe that You are in control. You are God!
Jesus, Say That Again to me today. You are in control, and You will be the safeguard of my heart.

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