Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Broken

The moment Eve grabbed that fruit and took a big bite; it was clearly downhill from there. Then, when Adam decided to do the exact same thing, nothing could ever be the same. They began to decline, and it did not feel good to either of them.
It started in her mind, got so much worse when she saw with her eyes, then acted upon the thought. And, Adam, standing right there beside her the whole time, acted as well.  What was he thinking? Why didn't he stop her? Why didn't he protect her?
I've wondered how often they discussed the incident later. What seemed like a relatively small event became life changing for everyone. The entire human race has been effected by the choice they made in the garden.
How many choices do I make that effect a lineage of people? Life changing choices, good and bad? How many times am I set in my ways, my comfort, not even realizing the impact I'm making on someone else, or the future of my children?
The words that are spoken too, can impact for a lifetime. They can change everything. Thoughts that lead to actions, that lead to a lifetime of change.  The negative track that can run through my mind, can be traced back to a lifetime of choices by someone.
Sins that creep up, like pride, deceit, selfishness, manipulation, control, and so much more. I've encountered all of these, and I've had to be broken In Christ to let them go.  What does that look like for me? It's back to surrender, again. I've had to give it all to Him, knowing I can't do anything on my own. Give it to Him, and believe that through my brokenness, He will make me complete IN Him.  Through Him, I can recognize the creeping sin, pray to Him for release, and move forward IN His light. It's good.  Still, how do I live with the sins and choices of others? I forgive, and I let go. In return, He gives me peace and joy.
It all seems like a long track of stuff, really.  And, I guess it is, because the enemy continues to pound his way through lives, constantly trying to get me off track. To convince me of his way. Jesus fills me with His Spirit and blesses me with the boldness to stay on track, surrendered to His way, not mine.
Dear God, Say That Again to me today. Broken in You, so I am complete In You. It's good.

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