Monday, May 9, 2011

The Grace

We  had a lovely Mother's Day brunch at our ministry house, and we had a lot of lovely people come through and eat yogurt parfaits,French toast, quiche, and dip yummy treats into a chocolate fountain. It was nice. It was busy. It was rewarding.
Later that afternoon, I was gifted with a call from my son in Oregon, and gifted with the company of our oldest son and our daughter in law. We walked along the lake, and we had a great visit. We went out for dinner, and that was very nice. My two little ones made me gifts, a coffee bank and a picture frame.  It was very nice.
I was also blessed with a Starbucks card and some clothes.
Mostly, I believed in The Grace of God. This morning I read Romans 11. In verse 6 it says: "And if by grace, then it is no longer by works; if it were, grace would no longer be grace." Grace is free from God. Grace covers up my sin; it covers up the brutality. It is grace that saves me, grace that compels me, grace that teaches me. Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound! It is because of Jesus, that I have grace. Because of His mercy towards me, I am saved by His grace.
When I fall, it is The Grace of Jesus that picks me up. He grafts me into His vine, and blesses me with salvation. He takes the pain, the brutality of human nature, and He saves those that love Him. He proclaims me as holy, and He feeds my soul. And, for all those that believe in Him, His grace is sufficient, and they will be a part of His vine.
In verse 29, I am reminded that "God's gifts and his call are irrevocable." That means His gift of grace to me is there to stay. The calling upon my life is eternal, He does not take it away. Because of this great promise, there is nothing anyone can do or say that will deter me. He is with me always, His truth is within me, His love is forever, and I will stand with Him. It's grace that walks me on His eternal path, and grace that sets me free!
Say That Again, Jesus, Your grace is mine, and it is mine forever. Glory to Your name!

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  1. Hello there. I just stopped in while reading a little bit of Women Of Faith. You are truly funny. Great posts and I really enjoyed the read.
    Have a blessed evening!
    Stacy Rae


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