Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Brutality

I was asked yesterday what the last few months have felt like for me. My answer was "brutal".  It's been brutal on so many levels. Is the Body of Christ suppose to be brutal? Even when there are problems, issues, complications, and conflicts, why is brutality inserted? Why are assumptions made, doors closed, words said that shouldn't be? How could it be done differently? How can my role in The Church change the brutality and further the Kingdom? How can I be used to promote safety, demote brutality?
I'm not the only one that has felt this way. And, because of this, I am sad.
Who tells me what to do, who commissions me into a calling for the Kingdom? Who brings me to a place where I reflect safety, therefore His body is safe?
Is God safe? Or, is He like the book Narnia says: "Aslan is not safe, but He is good"?  I know God is good, He is my Protector, so if He is my Protector, does that mean He is my Safety too? And, what exactly is safety?
My conclusion is that He is safety for my soul and my heart. Even through the brutality, my soul has remained safe, my heart has grown. And, others have grown as well, and changed. I have learned, so have others. Grace has been given, grace has been taken. And, hopefully, if there is ever another round, love will be shown, safety will be extended, hope will prevail.
I am going to continue on the path God has set me on.  I will seek restoration, and bind brutality. I will know what to look for, next time, that hidden pain that circles around striking out at those that least expect it. And, I will face it with the boldness of His Spirit.
So, Jesus, You have made me stronger, and You are gently nudging me along the path of light. You continue to Say That Again to me when I am discouraged and want to run the other way.  You say to me "STAY!"

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