Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Box, Book, and Buttons

My daughter doesn't cope well with life when she's tired, or when she loses something, or when her brother looks at her strangely. We had  one of those nights a couple evenings ago, and her world was in disarray. She moved away from her brother and came to s it by me, where we began to sort the buttons that I had in a jar. White, green, red, and yellow. She calmed right down; it kept her very busy and away from her brother. She was serving in a good way.
She came home from school needing a Valentines Day box for all her Valentine's. We found one, and I thought it would be fun to decorate it with her. She didn't seem to think that decorating the box would be that fun. To her, it was a lot more fun to watch me decorate the box, and God reminded me that there are numerous ways to serve.
I was browsing the internet and saw an idea of taking an old book and covering it with paper, or pictures, then on the inside remodel it to be personal. I was intrigued with that idea, so a couple days ago between appointments, I stopped at the thrift store to look at old books. One of the first books I saw was "The Book of Life"  it was one dollar!  So, I purchased it.  Just after that, I was listening to a sermon and the pastor said that if each of us were to actually write a true  story about our lives, and it were really true, we wouldn't be able to read it because of all the sin in our lives. But, then he continued on to say, thanks be to God for the gift of Jesus and what He has done to forgive us for all that sin. Thanks be to Jesus, who has taken us from sinners to Saints! Who has blessed every day of my life with love and abundance! Thanks be to Jesus who has made my life a book of life!
So, I covered the book with paper, I put buttons on it, and, I have started to remodel it. I like it a lot.It's like a box of blessings.
Today is Valentines Day. My husband and I will be celebrating this day tomorrow, and through the weekend. Another blessing. I have friends and family that will be loving my children, and blessing them. If I had a button for every blessing, I would be in craft heaven!
Jesus, Thank you for covering me and for loving me. You have given me life and blessings, Say That Again, Jesus, You are life, and You are the blessing!

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