Friday, February 1, 2013

The Turkey Burrito Thief

My son and daughter had a turkey burrito for breakfast. They were a little late getting down to the breakfast table this morning, so Fur Ball, being the sly dog that he is, decided that he would sneak over to the table and help himself to my son's burrito. My daughter and I were in the bathroom brushing her hair, and as she came around the corner, she saw him chomping down, half of the burrito hanging out of his mouth.  She let out a scream and ran to check on her own breakfast! Fur Ball saw me race around the corner and he started to chomp a little faster, he knew that he was in trouble! Well, trouble for Fur Ball anyway, I wagged my finger at him and told him "NO!" He chomped faster and started to race away, but I was quick on his heels this time, and I grabbed the turkey burrito right out of his mouth! Fur Ball looked at me with shocked surprise, and I said "NO." He turned himself around and headed to the table. The little stinker. I know he was hoping to grab my daughters turkey burrito right out of her mouth. But, instead, we established his place in the dining room after a firm talking to, and some concealed laughter :)
All I can say is that I think Fur Ball is probably pleased that his place of residence is secure. His behavior this morning was not so good, but I still love him, a lot. I love him more every day, actually. The cool thing is, he believes this. He knows he is loved deeply.
If my dog can believe this, I'm thinking that I am most certainly secure in the hands of God! It is not my behavior that determines His love for me or my salvation; it is how I believe!  My belief, will change my behaviors which is evidence of the Holy Spirit within me making me a witness for Jesus. The result? Peace.
Fur Ball may have been in trouble, but he never lost his security or his peace.
Jesus, Say That Again, You have given me eternal assurance, thank you!

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