Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Dress in the Window

I had to spend some time talking to God today, because I had some moments that weren't my favorite times. I went through periods of feeling irritated and I sent a text or two to a friend that I knew would "get it". She did, and it was helpful. God reminded me of a time a few years ago when my family and I were on a trip and we were all standing in a long line to get into this super duper restaurant. The line went all the way outside and around the block, but supposedly it was well worth the wait. So, we waited. As we all stood there, my boys and husband began to pull out there phones and look at all the gadgets they had, comparing everything they had with each other. I, on the other hand, began to gaze across the street at a dress that was in the store front window. It was pretty far away, and I was trying to see exactly what was in the window, color, texture, style, etc, so my face was getting crinkly and showing various expressions. My son, glanced at me, and he assumed I was crinkly because everyone was distracted with their phones. He was mind reading!  When in truth, the last thing I was thinking about was them and their phones.
So, when talking to God today about my troubles, He asked me the same thing. "Are you mind reading?"  He continued. "Could the people you are feeling irritated with be looking at the dress in the window?"  Ouch!   So now I'm the mind reader? Uh, yeah.
God is good, and shines light very quickly where it started to look a little dim. I'm thankful for that. He reveals truth and demonstrates His love to me in wondrous ways, this was one way. Say That Again, God, my mind belongs to You and You alone, keep me focused on You, and not what others might be thinking!

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