Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Crash

My husband has had a blue Dodge Durango for many years. It traveled with us everywhere, and it seemed as if it would be a part of the family forever. But, we recently sold it, and my husband purchased a smaller vehicle. I have taken his car a few times when I go to town, one of the first times, the kids and I got stranded in a parking lot, because the "new" car broke down. We escorted it to the garage where it stayed for a few days for repair, I was not impressed.  My next experience with the new car was just after my husband left for a business trip and I was in a rush to get my children to school. We were backing out of the garage, and I sorta missed the mark, consequently I hit the edge of the garage door pulling the side of the bumper out of place---a lot.  I should probably add here that I have a poor reputation with garages. I pushed the bumper back in with my foot, in an effort to make it look a little better. I snapped a picture. I sent a text to my husband, confessing my sin. He knew right away, without me saying that it had anything to do with the garage, that the garage was involved. My husband's response was very kind and gracious. He was only tender towards me, and I did not at any time feel like his car was of more value than me. I knew I would be teased about it by family and friends, who wouldn't be? But, what really mattered to me was the man behind the car and how he responded, and his values.
God is the God behind who I am and all that I do. He has me covered. I am more valuable than the mistakes that I make, and He looks at my heart, He sees inside my soul, He listens to what I'm really trying to say. His grace and mercy are there for me so I do not get what I deserve, which is punishment and condemnation and a life in hell.  Instead, I have eternity!
Say That Again, Jesus, there are days when I will crash, but, You are there to cover me with Your grace!

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of His mercy.   Titus 3: 4,5

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