Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Soggy Food

My daughter received a fish for Christmas, she's been wanting a fish for along time, so this was very exciting for her.  Her sister helped her get the tank set up and took her to the pet store to pick out the fish. She named her fish Render.
Everyday she is very careful to feed Render breakfast and dinner. A couple nights ago she informed me that Render spit his dinner out because it was soggy.  I wondered what Render is going to do about the soggy issue since he lives in water and all his meals are soggy? It hasn't come up again, so apparently Render has recovered from the soggy problem, but what if he hadn't? We would have had a starving fish on our hands and a tearful daughter.
It reminded me of the Israelite's, they were so excited when God provided them with Manna. But, after awhile, they didn't want it anymore and started to demand something else. They wanted meat.  It was hard for them to see the blessings right in front of them. They had a soggy attitude
Sometimes I am just like Render. God has provided for me abundantly, yet I sometimes am so caught up in the loss that I forget to soak in the abundance. I get soggy.
Wow, there is a richness in life, my life that I want to continue to soak up. It's abundant with blessings and it dries out the soggy. Jesus Say That Again to me through out the day, so I will walk in Your ways.

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