Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Buffet

Last night I had dinner with a lovely group of women. We had brussel sprouts, salad, bread, lentil soup, and home-made macaroni and cheese. We had good conversation, and a nice time catching up on each others news. After our dinner, I was surprised with the best part, a wonderful buffet of ice cream! Some of the flavors I have never had before and as we gathered around the table sampling all of them, it was delightful. So many choices, too. I took a little scoop of each one, but couldn't decide which one I liked the best, and didn't really know which one I was eating. It didn't matter, they were all good.
I received an email this morning confirming how good dinner was, but also confirming that the spiritual food after dinner was even better. We read from Matthew 17; it's the chapter that talks about Jesus taking Peter, James and John up to the mountain and they see Elijah and Moses. Jesus is transfigured before them, and during all of this, Peter decides that maybe he should build a shelter for everyone. But, while he is busy planning his shelters, God breaks in and says "This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well-pleased, listen to Him,"
Peter's plans, as grand as they were, changed very quickly with the sound of God's voice!  Listen to Him! God said.  I have thought about that one statement this morning, and asked myself if I am listening to Him as I make choices in my life. He has given me a buffet of choices, I have freedom, do I listen to Him?
On that mountain, when God spoke, the disciples fell to the ground, terrified. Then, Jesus, came over to them and He touched them and told them to get up and to not be afraid. They got up and looked up at Jesus, and the only thing they saw was His lovely face!
These men had a relationship with Jesus, and they were afraid, but when He came near to them in their fear and touched them the fear dissipated and all they could see was Him. They listened to their Savior, because they knew His voice and they trusted Him. They loved Him. Peter could have run off and started on a shelter. The other's could have helped him, there were many choices, but they listened and they chose Jesus and only Jesus.
Say That Again God, You want me to Listen to Your Beloved Son, in a world with a buffet of choices, I choose Him.

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