Friday, January 4, 2013

The Groomer and Fur Ball

Fur Ball went to visit The Groomer yesterday. He came back feeling pretty good about himself, he is soft and puffy now.  When my husband went to pick him up The Groomer informed him that we had failed miserably at brushing Fur Ball on a daily basis. Actually, the night before Fur Ball went to visit The Groomer, my husband suggested that we give him a good brushing. But, to me it seemed like a futile waste of time to brush Fur Ball when he was going to go see The Groomer and get brushed.  To me it was like making the bed in the hotel before checking out, or taking out the garbage, before my son does his garbage can chore. So, I opted out of brushing Fur Ball, consequently, my husband and Fur Ball were scolded.
I don't know if the scolding will change things at our house too much, I feel like I've accomplished a lot if I get my own hair brushed in the morning, and remind my daughter to brush her hair! When would I manage to brush ALL of Fur Ball's hair? And, everyday? I don't see this happening.
Fur Ball's happiness doesn't seem to be contingent on whether or not I brush his hair everyday, He does seem very intent on getting fed, having water in his dish, an occasional trip through the garbage can, and he likes toilet bowl drinks as well. He seems to thrive on drives in the car, belly rubs, and nose dives in the snow. He hasn't yet noticed the fancy bow that The Groomer put on his collar, and I haven't mentioned it to him yet. I don't think he would approve; it's not very boyish, , but it does look cute, so I thought it could stay for a bit.
This is the last weekend of our Christmas break. Our children go back to school on Monday. Life begins it's usual routine, with more driving, more meetings, more of life's commitments. I have enjoyed my break to take some time for a slower pace. I've needed to lay low like Fur Ball for awhile and enjoy the simple things in life, like naps, ice cream, and buttons.
Fur Ball is laying on the couch right now, all four paws in the air. He is sound asleep; it's been a busy day for him playing in the snow, getting in the garbage, and chewing up a bone. His bow is still in tact, his belly is full, and he knows that he is loved. Hmmm, I am sitting in a great chair, I'm very comfortable, I've had a nap today, I've had food, I've had a lot of time to reflect on many things. I know that God loves me. I know that God has provided for me in miraculous ways, over and over again. He has reached down and brushed His robe against me, wrapped me up, held me, completely captured me!  I just want to Say That Again!
 Thank you, Jesus, You have captured me in Your Hands!


  1. Fur ball is looking very handsome. Our dog Izzy gets brushed at least three times a week. he has long hair and we have to keep it tidy so it wont mat. Hugs P.S. the new giveaway started today I hope you will stop by and get your entry in.

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Do you have a picture of Izzy?


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