Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Dead Fish

When my son got home from school today it was discovered that the last and final fish in his tank was dead. We still haven't found the missing in action fish. So, now he has an empty fish tank. He took the news pretty well, no tears or anything like that, but he did want to be reassured that he would get two more fish. Oh my, how many times will we be going back  to the pet store to buy fish? And, why do his fish die, or disappear? Our daughter doesn't have this issue.
A friend of mine sent a text saying that her son had a fish missing in action a few years ago, and when they finally find it the poor little fish was stuck to the back of the dresser, all dried up. Where or where, could my son's fish be? At least when the fish dies and it's floating on top of the water, we know where it is.
We gathered together for dinner tonight with our group of friends. We had a lovely dinner of grill cheese, soup, and salad. We had pie for dessert. It was very nice. We talked about the dead fish, the missing fish, and dancing on graves. I know, it's a little weird. We laughed, we prayed, we talked about the things we think about the most are the things we worship.
Oh Jesus, turn my thoughts to You when there is drama like dead fish and missing fish, and all the stuff in between. I want to think of You! Keep me rooted in You, because I need You desperately, today, tomorrow, and always. Bring Your Word to my heart and mind, so I walk on the path You have laid out before me.
Continue to Say That Again to me, No one is missing, You have me captured in Your Hands, and alive for eternity!

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