Friday, October 17, 2014

Fear Not

Last week in church God gave me a picture during worship.  It was amazing to me, because it felt like I was being lifted up right into His presence and He was showing me a beautiful image:
My entire family was gathered together, and around us were Army Angels, covering us with their wings. above the Army Angels Jesus hovered, His wings completely covered the Army Angels to protect us. Then, above us was God, my Father, with His Wings over everything, safely protecting all of us. 
The Spirit of God soared  throughout our gathering and filled our bodies with His Resurrection Power.
I knew this was God's picture, and as worship penetrated throughout the room, my heart praised my Father for giving me such amazing hope and victory. 
In Isaiah 54:17 I am promised this:
No weapon formed against you will succeed.

How could it? I have an Army of Angels, Jesus, God my Father, and the Holy Spirit? 
I've thought a lot about this and the hope it brings. Not just the hope, but the ability it gives me to walk in love, not fear. When I walk in love, there is no fear! I am covered!
Say That Again, Jesus, You will cover me and my family, and you tell us to fear NOT!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Tree

 My blog page has had a lift. 
A tree, because God has firmly rooted me deeply in His vibrant soil and renewed me with many branches in the community.  He has strengthened me as an oak tree and because of Him I will not be shaken. He continues to restore my brokenness and completes me within Himself. He is greater than me. 
Where He is, there is love. 
Say That Again, Jesus!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The 4000 Mile Journey

My long road trip with my sons has created a fond memory for me. This time it was not necessarily the destination that was the highlight in my heart; it was the journey. 
I am pleased about the destination, and felt blessed to have my sons with me. It was good for me to honor my family with a visit, and good for my sons to see them too. 
Our drive consisted of at least three audio books. 
Several rest stops.
Good conversation.
Time lapse Videos.
The Apple Store.
Corn Fields.
Mt. Rushmore.
Country Roads.
And, ice cream.

It was late when we arrived home, and I was happy to see my family and my dog.  I have continued to thank God for the gifts He has given me through my children. Because of this trip, I felt loved. And, I needed to feel loved. God has such amazing ways of meeting needs for His children all at the same time. I love how He puts all the pieces of our lives together and loves us, and His blessings flow!

God brings healing in the most unexpected ways. He sees the bigger needs, such as needing to be soaked in time with my sons, so He planned a 4000 mile journey for us. The entire trip I felt God smiling upon us,  as if His plan had come together magnificently. 
Jesus, thank you for the 4000 mile journey, and all the blessings that came with it. Thank you for speaking into my heart, and lifting me up. 
Say That Again!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Twenty Six To Go

We made it to our destination, stayed two days, now it's time to drive twenty six hours to home again. 
Long. Road. Trip.
We have Starbucks.
I saw my mom, and it was good. 
We saw my brother, his wife, and their kids. I'd like to see them more. 
It has been one of those trips where God has whispered to me to recognize my blessings. And, I have. 
My sons, as we have traveled together and I have listened to them and watched them, I have felt so incredibly blessed:
My husband, sons, daughter in-laws, grandchildren, and lovely daughter. 
Through my hardships, God has cushioned my life with a family that loves me and blesses me. 
Right now, we are heading towards Kansas City. We are going to drive through the city today, because we want to. And, we are going to check out the stadium. Then, continue our drive towards home. 
Jesus, Say That Again, recognize your blessings!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hour Ten

I'm on a road trip with two of my sons. 
I tried posting pictures earlier, but I couldn't get it to work, so I'll show those to you later. 
We are on hour ten, and have seven more to go today. Then, eight hours tomorrow.
Long. Road. Trip.
It's dusk now, I'm thankful for the laughter we have had, the beautiful scenery, audio books, frosting cookies, and coffee. 
Thank you, Jesus, for Sons and long road trips. 
Say That Again!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Living Epistles

Adam, Eve, Ruth, Deborah, David, Tamar, Rachel, Rebekah, Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Peter, James, John, and so many more....
So, what if your story were in the Bible?
I've been thinking about this question for myself all day. What if I had been one of the people the Holy Spirit had instructed someone to write details about? And, billions of people would have access to those details, like when David sent Uriah to the front lines on the battlefield, or Peter betrayed Jesus.
Yet, am I not a Living Epistles? A witness before God and others of His amazing grace and love?  His Spirit is already working and speaking through me and so many others, just like all those incredible characters in the Bible!
It's through the trials, mistakes, repentance, and forgiveness that God restores, redeems, and renews. He takes my mistakes and my sins, and turns it around into His good. 
He brings beauty.
He restores joy. 
He dances over each of us with thanksgiving.
In His love He speaks revival into our days, and there is depth in our relationships and life thrives in the Son. 
So, what if? Say That Again, living epistles!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back to Trust

Trust in the Lord your God with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5

Just when I think I'm trusting God with all my heart, He points out to me that there are a few details in my life that need a little work. Just a few!
I have felt some pressure in my chest over a particular topic lately and I am realizing that trust factors into it. But, I don't really know exactly how....
I  know that when my heart get hurts it takes a long time for it to recover. I do not trust easily again.
I know that when my heart hurts it takes a long time for me to sort it all out, and I want to be alone.
I  know that when my heart hurts, I loose my words.  I hear God tell me that He will bring them back to me I just need to be patient.
I  know that God binds up every wound. He heals every broken heart. He brings reconciliation to loved ones.
I  know that God builds trust in those that love Him. He has healed me by His stripes and His victory is mine.
I  know that as I pray to God, Jesus, and His Spirit, he will continue to reveal to me His truth and He will cover me with comfort, healing, power, and strength.
I know that God continually points me to trust. Am I going to trust that He will work it out? Am I going  to press into Him? Am I going to believe Him? Am I going to walk in His victory? Am I going to live in His healing power? Am I going to trust that He will provide a trustworthy Body?
I will say YES.
Say That Again!