Friday, September 23, 2016

Is It Safe?

The last several months I've been reading in the book of Romans. I just keep reading it, over and over again. I like every bit of it, and continue to learn something new each day.
One thing I have learned, again, is that God is safe. He longs for his people to be safe as well, his church. 
Is it? 
Have you asked yourself if you are safe? Have you considered what that might look like? Have you asked others if you are a safe person?
A few years ago I asked these questions.  Several people said I was very safe to them, but there were a couple that said they did not feel safe. I asked more questions, and then worked towards being safe for them.
Some people may believe that God is not safe because of the situations they end up in. I've felt that way. Or, maybe if God does not answer them in the way they are hoping, He is not safe.  I've had a list of questions and needs presented to God that have not been answered in the way I would like, through this experience I am learning to surrender to His way, not mine. And, he continues to show me what being safe with him really means.
But, lets go back to the church, is it safe? I am part of the church, do I contribute to it's safety? Do I feel safe in the church, the building I visit every week? Do you?
I admit that if I felt safe in the church, they would see and accept more of who I've been, and who I am. Instead, I have chosen to step back in church situations. What do you do?
I have a group of church people around me that love me and accept me. This feels safe to me. I know that each one of them strives for Godly character and they are safe. 
God has perfectly woven every detail of our lives to fit into His perfect purpose. He has wrapped us in a robe of Righteousness and called us holy. He has paved the way to his Kingdom, and placed the keys in our hands. He has promised to always love us, and to give us a secure future with him. He lifts us up to see what's  ahead and he beats within each heart. 
He is so very safe!
Who am I to be any different? 
God has called his church Saints. Yet, we so often walk around as sinners. 
He has given me his righteousness and I can now shine. He co-glorifies his people. He stands with us; therefore who can stand against us?  He is loyal to his people.
He does not condemn. He opens his arms to his Saints and holds them lovingly. He accepts his people--you and me.
So, today, as I ponder the question of safe churches, I challenge you to find your church that lives with every detail woven into God's purpose, wrapped in his perfect righteousness, and focused on his Kingdom. Your church will love you always, and point you to your future with him. The Saints around you will recognize your gifts and allow them to shine, and they will stand beside you. Your church will not condemn you, but keep their arms open to you in love and acceptance.
Jesus, remind me to Say That Again and again as I stand with you and your saints.

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