Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Fire of His Heart and Soul

Summer is almost over! Can you believe it? This has been a very full and fun summer for me and my family. My kids and I have read a couple  of very large books together, we've enjoyed swimming, camping, biking, trips, friends, barbecue's, ice cream, and grandchildren. My kids are not excited about school starting, they want summer to last forever.
My husband and I gave our poodle a hair cut today. We decided to call it the Hit and Miss haircut. He is a standard poodle and he has a lot of hair, we got some and we didn't! Thankfully, he doesn't care. He is the happiest dog on earth, I've never seen him sad.
Throughout my life I have had many sad and long days, but now is not one of them. In fact, they are far and few between right now, and for this I am praising God. It's not because we are trial free, believe me there are still several of those stacking against us. But, it's because of what I believe and know about them. God has placed me to win, and I'm going to believe in His miraculous work in my life to follow through with that. 
I experienced some amazing breakthroughs this summer. One was the ability to get in the pool and the lake and actually swim. For years, I have felt a block when it comes to swimming. I didn't want to be cold, or I just couldn't make myself get in the water. Now, that has come to an end, I'm swimming a lot and enjoying it. I give credit to God's healing power through an Art Sozo training that I was involved in.
Also, due to that training, my paints have come alive again. I use to paint, draw, etc, but it was left by wayside several years ago. Now, I am enjoying that gift again, finding it to be very healing and fun.
So, what is happening in your life that God wants to heal? What are some of the lies you are believing about yourself that keeps you from living life to the fullest? What is the truth? How do you want to ask God to revive your heart today?
Are you growing in the fire of His soul and heart, or does life feel stagnant?
This is my desire this September, to continue to grow in the fire of His heart and soul. 
Say That Again and march on! 

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