Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Following

We celebrated New Year's Eve at a camp in the woods, Bear Paw. We arrived just in time for a steak and potato dinner, which I found pretty darn good. After dinner, we suited up in our snow clothes and headed outside to the sledding hill with a group of others and spent most of the evening sliding, spinning, and racing down the hill. I was a little cautious at first when we looked down the hill and noticed that at the bottom of the hill rested a lake, but my husband assured me, that it was far enough away that our children would not end their sledding adventures soaking wet.
After numerous trips up and down the hill, we gathered at the top of the hill and watched fire works. It was fun. And, it was cold. Children cheered and clapped, and asked for more. When we finished and everyone  made their way back inside for apples and popcorn, there was excitement and warmth in the air.
For me, there was a feeling of wonder and anticipation. It's a New Year, and God has brought us to many new places. Last night on New Year's Eve, He introduced us to many new people, and it was nice. There was conversation, good food, fun activity, and beauty.
So, on this New Year's Day I am asking Him about the next step. Where is He taking us? What is He asking of us? Where is He working, and how can I best serve Him to further His Kingdom?
Say That Again, Jesus, You have asked me to follow you, so I'm following.

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