Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Boots and The Diamonds

I listened to Brandon Heath's album today, and one of the songs I especially liked was Diamond:

My father’s father broke this ground
Daddy mined till we laid him down
Only God knows what they found beneath
Now here I stand in my own boots
Ax to grind and a point to prove
Tangled up in my own roots, it seems

I got treasure up in Heaven
I got dirt all over me
I have only scratched the surface
Of the man I’m meant to be
I got something down inside of me
That only You can see
Help me dig a little deeper now
And set that diamond free

Why do I do the things I do
All the things that I don’t want to
Act like I don’t fear You at all
Hard head and a heart of stone
Older now but I haven’t grown
Any riches that I have to show are small

Set it free
Set it free
Set it free
Set it free

Come down with your old flashlight
Underground, black as night
No telling what you’re gonna find in me 

I got boots for my birthday---I like them a lot. Like the song says, sometimes I stand in my boots, with an ax to grind, and a point to prove. And, while I'm standing there, I get all tangled up in my roots. As I'm tangled there, I also know I have a treasure up in heaven, but here I am, in my boots, just digging in the dirt with dirt all over me. I know that only God can really see me, even I can just scratch the surface. There's so much deep down inside, there's diamonds, lots and lots of diamonds.

Why are there days that I do the exact things I don't want to do? I've got a hard head alright, and sometimes I look at my heart and cry out to God to turn it from stone. I am older every day, with not a single rich in my pocket, but God You can move my boots to Joy. Shine Your light down below, in all the cracks that I bestow, You are Mighty, You are Bold, You Dear God can break the earthly roots, and untangle my boots!
Jesus takes the roots that tangle me up and lifts them up from the ground, He untangles me. He gives freedom as a gift, and wipes the dirt off my boots. He finds the diamond in me and shines it.
Say That Again, Jesus, You untangle the roots, wipes off the dirt, and shines up the diamonds.

I want to do what is good, but I don't. I don't want to do what is wrong, but I do it anyway. Romans 7:19


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