Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Ski Hill

We spent the morning at the ski hill so our two younger children could have lessons in skiing and snowboarding. Before getting there our eleven year old was certain that he was already an expert and he was a little put out that I had signed him up for the beginners class. Our daughter wasn't too sure that she wanted to learn how to ski, she thought that maybe it would be too frightening for her to conquer even the bunny hill.
So, we made our trek to the hill, my son in shorts with snow pants on top and a forgotten coat. My daughter without her gloves, she left them at school, so she had tiny mittens for a three year old. But, we made it, and I loaned my coat to my son, then made my way to the lodge only to find that every table had been claimed by other eager parents and hungry children. Oh well.
I peered out the window in an effort to watch my son's expert moves on his snowboard. I could see him perched on the snowbank just above, but there were no jumps, or twists, or cool moves from my point of view. I could see my husband with him giving him a few pointers, and my son would get up now and then and do a little maneuver, then back to his perch.
My husband trudged back and forth between both children. Our daughter, who was frightened to go down the hill at first, discovered that her ski's needed a little more wax, so she couldn't go down the hill without being pushed anyway!! My husband gave her a good shove. She discovered it wasn't too scary after all and she was rather skilled at skiing.
As their lessons wrapped up and both my husband and I  helped them move towards the lodge, we watched them show off their new tricks, I was surprised with another skiers new trick as he raced down the hill and ran over me. He landed flat on his back, and so did I! It was a big surprise.
To sum it all up, we experienced some blunders on the Ski Hill. My children are going back next week, and I hope they remember their gloves and coat. Maybe, I will be less achy by then, but either way, I may stay off the Ski Hill. My son has learned that it's okay to listen to others and learn. My daughter learned that facing her fear is a good thing. My husband got some good exercise. We all had some nice family time, even though it didn't go perfectly smooth.  It added to the adventure, which reminded me of a quote I read just this morning: "Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; wherever there is opportunity there is danger."
In the voyages of life there are going to be many blunders, mishaps, and risks, yet all of these can grow opportunity, strength, courage, boldness, and the ability to love. I just need Jesus to be there with me all the way.
Say That Again, Jesus. You will walk with me through the danger, and turn it into opportunity!

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