Monday, October 6, 2014

Twenty Six To Go

We made it to our destination, stayed two days, now it's time to drive twenty six hours to home again. 
Long. Road. Trip.
We have Starbucks.
I saw my mom, and it was good. 
We saw my brother, his wife, and their kids. I'd like to see them more. 
It has been one of those trips where God has whispered to me to recognize my blessings. And, I have. 
My sons, as we have traveled together and I have listened to them and watched them, I have felt so incredibly blessed:
My husband, sons, daughter in-laws, grandchildren, and lovely daughter. 
Through my hardships, God has cushioned my life with a family that loves me and blesses me. 
Right now, we are heading towards Kansas City. We are going to drive through the city today, because we want to. And, we are going to check out the stadium. Then, continue our drive towards home. 
Jesus, Say That Again, recognize your blessings!

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