Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Living Epistles

Adam, Eve, Ruth, Deborah, David, Tamar, Rachel, Rebekah, Sarah, Joseph, Moses, Peter, James, John, and so many more....
So, what if your story were in the Bible?
I've been thinking about this question for myself all day. What if I had been one of the people the Holy Spirit had instructed someone to write details about? And, billions of people would have access to those details, like when David sent Uriah to the front lines on the battlefield, or Peter betrayed Jesus.
Yet, am I not a Living Epistles? A witness before God and others of His amazing grace and love?  His Spirit is already working and speaking through me and so many others, just like all those incredible characters in the Bible!
It's through the trials, mistakes, repentance, and forgiveness that God restores, redeems, and renews. He takes my mistakes and my sins, and turns it around into His good. 
He brings beauty.
He restores joy. 
He dances over each of us with thanksgiving.
In His love He speaks revival into our days, and there is depth in our relationships and life thrives in the Son. 
So, what if? Say That Again, living epistles!

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