Friday, October 17, 2014

Fear Not

Last week in church God gave me a picture during worship.  It was amazing to me, because it felt like I was being lifted up right into His presence and He was showing me a beautiful image:
My entire family was gathered together, and around us were Army Angels, covering us with their wings. above the Army Angels Jesus hovered, His wings completely covered the Army Angels to protect us. Then, above us was God, my Father, with His Wings over everything, safely protecting all of us. 
The Spirit of God soared  throughout our gathering and filled our bodies with His Resurrection Power.
I knew this was God's picture, and as worship penetrated throughout the room, my heart praised my Father for giving me such amazing hope and victory. 
In Isaiah 54:17 I am promised this:
No weapon formed against you will succeed.

How could it? I have an Army of Angels, Jesus, God my Father, and the Holy Spirit? 
I've thought a lot about this and the hope it brings. Not just the hope, but the ability it gives me to walk in love, not fear. When I walk in love, there is no fear! I am covered!
Say That Again, Jesus, You will cover me and my family, and you tell us to fear NOT!

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