Thursday, October 9, 2014

The 4000 Mile Journey

My long road trip with my sons has created a fond memory for me. This time it was not necessarily the destination that was the highlight in my heart; it was the journey. 
I am pleased about the destination, and felt blessed to have my sons with me. It was good for me to honor my family with a visit, and good for my sons to see them too. 
Our drive consisted of at least three audio books. 
Several rest stops.
Good conversation.
Time lapse Videos.
The Apple Store.
Corn Fields.
Mt. Rushmore.
Country Roads.
And, ice cream.

It was late when we arrived home, and I was happy to see my family and my dog.  I have continued to thank God for the gifts He has given me through my children. Because of this trip, I felt loved. And, I needed to feel loved. God has such amazing ways of meeting needs for His children all at the same time. I love how He puts all the pieces of our lives together and loves us, and His blessings flow!

God brings healing in the most unexpected ways. He sees the bigger needs, such as needing to be soaked in time with my sons, so He planned a 4000 mile journey for us. The entire trip I felt God smiling upon us,  as if His plan had come together magnificently. 
Jesus, thank you for the 4000 mile journey, and all the blessings that came with it. Thank you for speaking into my heart, and lifting me up. 
Say That Again!

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