Friday, January 4, 2013

The Dot

God is big, I am not. I have to remind myself on some days that I have a very small role to play in the larger drama of this life. I see a very small portion of a very large picture that God is painting. It is never okay for me to say that God is not fair or just when I am unable to understand the magnitude of how He works and what He sees. Life feels unfair, but the reality is, life is fair because God is fair. I believe in a God that is just and fair, full of mercy and grace, love that abounds, my God will not forsake me! But, of course, when there is evil that runs rampant on this earth, and I live in a broken body; it is very challenging to see and feel like God is fair, just, and full of mercy!
I read Psalms 100 this morning and verse 3 says this:

For the Lord is good and his love endures forever.

From my perspective, it does not always seem good, life, I mean. So, sometimes that can be interpreted as God not being very good.  How could this happen? Why is this allowed? etc... God is powerful, He can prevent bad things. But, I also believe there is a source for truth, and that is His Word, I go there over and over again, continually I read about His goodness, His love, His Power. And, this morning, I prayed for Him to change my perspective even more, help me understand that I may not always understand the "why". Help me accept the fact that life here is a dot in the scheme of eternity, a dot that cannot have every question answered! "Isn't this faith?" I heard Him whisper.
Ugh, I know I've heard that whisper before. My prayer continues to be one that comes before Him asking for strength, courage, wisdom, and faith. Without Him life is futile, I can do nothing at all. My life here on earth is but a small dot, for really, life is about the eternity that I will live with Him. He tells me to  relax and not be anxious, for life here is just a dot.
So, as long as my dot in life furthers His Kingdom, and resides in Him, I've decided being a dot in the scheme of eternity is an honor. God chose every dot, in faith I will continue to move forward. Sometimes, I step back, but I know He is there to catch me. It's okay.
Say That Again to me, Lord Jesus, in this drama of life, you have the script. Thanks for giving me part of the story.


  1. Love this post . It's quite encouraging and I can surely relate. It's so hard to accept that we're just a small part of a magnificent script God has written . I identify with this very much


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