Monday, November 18, 2013

The Trip Back to the Hospital

It was so good to get home from the hospital on Friday, and to know that my surgery was a success. On Saturday, I wrapped myself up in the warming blanket my husband purchased for me, and cuddled on the bed. My husband was beside me most of the day, and a close friend came to spend the day with me. I was blessed with visits from other closer friends, and also from my adult children. I was given blankets, candy, and flowers.

As evening approached, I was finding it difficult to breathe and to stand up straight. By the time I started to eat some dinner, I was in a lot of pain, and each time I tried to take a deep breath, there was a lot of pain in my rib cage. My friend began to notice that I was having issues and was asking how she could help. Then my husband got in on the action and he helped me back to the bed. My children and my dog also thought it best that they help, and piled on the bed too. Let me just say that difficulties breathing, chest pain, children, and the dog, are not the best evening combo.
It didn't take my husband long to call the doctor, and before I knew it the phone was up to my ear and he was asking me to give him a number for the pain on a scale from 1-10. Next thing, my husband and I were driving in the car to the hospital, AGAIN.
There was such a flurry of activity in the hospital ER. The nurse came in and started an IV right away. Another nurse came in and did an EKG. Before I could think about those two things the room was swirling with three or four doctor, each with their job to do. I was given several different pain medications, none of which helped me. I was taken to X-Ray, and to a CATSCAN.  The doctor from my doctor's office came, and said I needed to stay for the night, then listed all kinds of things that they wanted to do. 
The night wore on and finally my pain was controlled. But, nausea set in. The next morning, I was given anti nausea medication, and it completely knocked me out! It made me so tired, I couldn't wake up! My husband, friends, daughter, the doctor, and the nurse, were all yelling, and poking at me in an effort to wake me, but I was completely out! My husband and family were distressed. I did finally wake up, after the doctor poked my chest several times.
I am home again, but I have thought about my trip back to the hospital a lot. It was scary. Not just scary for me, but for my family and some of my friends. It was also lonely. I felt like I was in a battle all night long, but I didn't have a clear understanding what was going on, and neither did anyone else. It was revealing. I learned about myself, and how I want to respond to others in the future and in my ministry.
Jesus, when others feel sick, give me the ability to minister to them in the way that they need. Enable me to touch their lives with healing words and with a healing touch. Say That Again, Jesus, use me to bring healing to the one that You love!

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