Sunday, November 10, 2013

The One Jesus Loves

When I went to Women of Faith I heard Judah Smith preach. I enjoyed listening to him, so I purchased his book, Jesus Is. I've been reading his book, and have found it very enjoyable. He's honest, and I like the way he continually points the reader back to Jesus.
He brought up John, the favorite disciple of Jesus. Five times, John calls himself "the disciple whom Jesus loved." In his book, he goes on to say, that he now has started to pray differently because of this. When he prays, he reminds God that he is the one that Jesus loves!
As I was reading this chapter to my husband, it occurred to me too, that I haven't actually thought of myself as God's favorite, like John did. I know He loves me, but John was bold enough to say he was the closest to Jesus. Both my husband and I like the intimacy of praying to God in this way, boldly coming before the throne in love.
So, because He says I am the apple of His eye, and I am His friend, and His love for me is beyond anything I could ever comprehend, I'm going to Say That Again.
Father God, this is Bethany, the one Jesus loves, today I need You, I want You, and I surrender to You. 

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