Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Nontraditional Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving has come upon us, and I am so very thankful!  I did not cook this year, not a single thing, and it was a little weird for me. My main contribution this year was a purchased pecan pie from Costco and whip cream from a can. It was good.  Our daughter in law did most of the work, she made Spaghetti Bake. We didn't have a turkey this year, or stuffing, or any of the traditional foods we normally sit down to.
We had each other though, and each time my children come home I feel so blessed. My grandchildren were here, Two of my oldest sons were here. I had a good friend here. It was fun. We played games, we talked, and we watched the children play. Clean up was quick and easy. I was thankful.
As I watched my family today, and thought about all the years my husband and I have had together, I prayed for God to keep penetrating my entire being. I know that I am weak. I know that without Him, I will fail to be thankful, I will fail to be loving, kind, and true. But, with Jesus, I am so very loved, and His strength is the blessing. If I rely on Him I will be thankful. If I rely on Him, I will love, because it is Him loving through me, and Him being thankful.
I know I need Him, because I have so many of those imperfect moments. I need Him to live His grace through me. I am not going to live life in a traditional way, Jesus doesn't. The more I know Him and the bigger He lives within me, the more nontraditional my life becomes.
What about you? How is Jesus working in your life today and how are you living it out? Does Jesus need to Say That Again to you?

Some picture from our Thanksgiving Day:

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