Friday, February 22, 2013

The Parked Car

I drove my husbands car last night, and when I came home I parked it in the garage. I tend to park his car close to the front of the garage, because I want to be sure that when I close the garage door it's not going to hit the back of his car. I've had this issue before, and it's not pretty. My husband, he prefers that the car be parked perfectly in the center of the garage so there's room to walk in front of the car, I have not been able to master this yet. This morning, when he and my children went out to the garage, he commented on how difficult it was going to be to walk around the car because it was parked so far to the front of the garage. I commented on his comment, and well, marital bliss was not so blissful in my eyes. I closed the door to the garage and went to the bathroom to brush my hair, he drove off in my truck. The car, in it's forward position, stayed put.
Shortly after the comment dispute, a friend sent a text letting me know that she was praying for me. I whipped a response back to her, quick to let her know that it was needed because the stupid car was parked in the wrong spot!
God sent a little vision to my mind. Next time I come home in my husband car, and I pull into the garage, I wont go so far forward. I will stop further back. Before I close the garage door, I will get out and check, just to make sure I'm in far enough, then I'll close the door. Problem solved. Garages, cars, and me---we just don't mix well.  But, God, knows how to help even with this kind of stuff. I don't have to let my temper flair, even though I did have a moment.
Jesus, thank you for caring about my everyday life. Thank you for being the Way, for showing me how to live, for being my Hope and my Vision. Say That Again, Jesus, You are my everything!

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