Monday, February 4, 2013

The Pallet Man

So, I've been spending a little time on Pinterest. It's given me all kinds of ideas that I will probably never do! But, it inspired me enough to clean up the laundry room to make room for my small supply of crafts. And, as I was browsing, and talking to another friend that cruises Pinterest, I came upon some ideas for making wonderful projects out of pallets. Last week, as I drove around town I kept my eyes open for pallets, and I saw a huge stack of them outside a grocery store. But, I was alone, and in a a hurry, so I didn't take the time to stop and try to load them into my truck. But, I did tell my friend about them, she didn't hesitate to scold me for leaving them behind!!
This last weekend I told my husband about my pallet idea and asked him to drive behind some store in our town, so we took a detour and went behind the grocery store and the hardware store. On our way there, I saw a pick up with a trailer full of pallets. With wide eyes I commented on all the pallets in his truck and trailer, and with amazement I wondered where he came up with all the pallets and what was he going to do with them all? My husband drove around the pick up and we went behind the stores to continue our search, and sure enough, we found some pallets of our own. I wanted to just snatch them up and run, because I was sure that the Pallet Man in the pick up truck behind us was very near and was probably expecting to get these pallets too. But, my husband had to go into the store and talk to the gentleman at the counter about the pallets. I waited, practicing my patience. Well, sure enough, as I looked in the visor mirror the Pallet Man was driving up behind us, and he was staring at our car, he slowly drove up to our car, giving me the stare down the entire time. By this time, my husband had come out and was wrestling with the pallets. The Pallet Man parked in front of us and started to grab some other pallets and deliver them to his truck, frequently glancing back to see what we were doing.  My husband secured the pallets into our trunk, and we whisked away, leaving the Pallet Man to wonder who his new competitors were.
On our way home, I gently broke the news to my husband that my pallet project may include his help! Unless, of course, my friend thinks she can handle this without him, I won't be much help--heha
But, hey, I provided the pallets, and the mason jars!!
Oh, where am I going with all of this? The first word that comes to mind is adventure. It was an adventure with the man I love. God blessed me with a fun time, and my husband humored my silly desire to look for pallets. I love how God has given me such a blessing in the little things in life. I love how He has allowed me to see the humor in life and I can laugh, life is funny. The Pallet Man was funny, my husband was funny, and I laughed! It was a funny day! I'm thankful I serve a God of humor.
Say That Again, dear God, You laugh with me. It heals my soul.

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