Friday, May 13, 2011

The Deal

This morning in our hotel room we watched "Let's make a Deal" this was fun. I use to watch this show when I was little, with my grandma. My two children, Eli and Ruby loved watching this and trying to guess which deal was the best.
It brings me to the question of deals in life. What kind of deals do I make? Do I try to make deals with God? Do I believe that if I'm "good" God will bless me? Do I make deals with His people?
I think I do, sometimes. I think my challenge is to move through life without the deals. To face each day with the sole intent of knowing Jesus and being IN His presence. To believe that my relationship with Him has nothing to do with my circumstances.
I choose to live deeply rooted IN Him, this means I must loose myself. My goal, my priority, my life must be about relationship with Him, and faith that He knows what I need more than I know.
Okay Jesus, say that Again to me. Because You are full and complete IN me, use me to reflect the power of who You are.

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