Friday, May 13, 2011

The Merry-Go-Round

We went to a park today, all 13 of us. It's beautiful there and we had a great walk. It's sunny again in Portland, so we know that is a blessing. We found the playground and enjoyed everything there. The merry go round was the best. It's old fashioned fun, and we spent a lot of our time spinning. Adults and children, round and round and still around.
Yes! Sometimes life can feel like a merry go round. The same spin, maybe a different story. The same thing everyday, life, the vicious cycle.
How do I get off the merry go round?
To me, whether I'm on the spinning cycle or walking off to some other adventure, I want Jesus to take the lead. I need Him to be The Spinner of my life, and my soul seeks to trust Him with the direction He is taking me.
He's given me companions to travel this life with me, my family and my friends, and best of all, His Spirit.
Say That Again, Jesus, whatever I'm doing, wherever I'm going, even on the days I'm spinning, You are there!

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  1. Spinning describes daily life in our home now. Five busy kids going in different directions.

    Shoes, coats, dishes, laundry all breeding quickly! Homework, hair, baths and food all in need of attention from Mom.

    God is the only way to possibly do my life... And keep all the plates "spinning".

    ~ Crazy busy & tons of fun!


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