Monday, May 16, 2011

The Sweet Surrender

Every day, I seem to be faced with something to surrender.  It's not always an easy process, especially if I think I need to be in control!  Surrender my stuff, surrender my family, surrender my friends, surrender my hopes and my dreams. The list goes on forever. I am more the type to fight, fight to the end. Surrender is not natural. And, sometimes I do wonder, "how sweet is it really?" Actually, I think it's the process of surrender that comes so unnaturally, and can feel frightening too. It takes faith and trust, a couple more things that aren't so easy for me. But, once the process is worked through and the surrender is complete; it truly is sweet. I can take a big breath and just relax. It's not mine anymore, it's HIS.
Jesus, today I need to hear Your steady voice and I want to surrender my all to You.  I will admit that this is not an easy thing to do.  "What if it hurts?" I ask.  "What if I can't do it?" But, I know that through You, all is possible.  Through You it is sweet.  Through You, surrender brings completion, relief, joy, and peace.
Say That Again, Dear Jesus. Sweet Surrender.


  1. Great reminder! I needed this.

  2. Surrender my children... This is the hardest for me. My son will be gone for the summer. He is also legally an "adult"! "deep breath" badly needed!
    How did Hannah let go of Samuel so young, and trust that he would be okay?
    How does my rational, logical brain speak to my sick heart to say, "God loves your son even more than you do"?

    Will I learn to surrender better before I must let go again four more times?

    My girls names remind me of God's love... Grace of God gifts in my life (given though I don't deserve), Hope for my husband and children's salvation & happiness, and Faith is what I had waiting so many years for more children, I now feel that I am in need of so much more.

    Thank you God for your love me.


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