Sunday, August 16, 2015

Four Old Ladies

My day was spent with four old ladies, much older than me. I drove them to church. 
Three of them squished their soft bodies in the back seat of my car and buckled each other in.
Each of them are over eighty.
We drove to a little white country church with a tall steeple, and sat on a narrow pew. The church was full, our pew was shoulder to shoulder saints.
We sang old hymns, and blessed each and every child. It felt like I had gone back in time.
As I drove the car, listening to the four old ladies, I was so struck by the cycle of life. Each of them with a story about a husband or two, children near or far, grandchildren that once came to play. And now, so many of the people they once had in their lives, are gone or busy. 
They have each other.
Old ladies, old friends.
These women, so rich in life, yet in so many ways forgotten. So faithful to turn to God in prayer, because they know that is really the only way to win the battle, yet so many times never asked to pray. Women with a wealth of wisdom and knowledge, yet so often pushed aside never to be heard. 
These women are thirty years older than me, a lot can change in thirty years! As I listened to them, and watched them, I prayed. I don't know what God has in store for me in the next thirty years, but I do know that I want more. I want more of Jesus, and more of His promises. I want more richness of relationship from family and friends, more love, growth, and wisdom. 
I want to be embraced, not pushed aside. 
I want all that Jesus has for me, to step into His Promised Land and thrive there.
Say That Again, Sweet Jesus!

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