Monday, September 26, 2011

The Rest of the Story

AS I move through the "rest of my story" a continuation from yesterday, I have to ask myself, "What are my motives for telling this story? Why now? I just left the court room, right? Am I back in the court room AGAIN? What am I trying to accomplish by posting this?" These are the questions to myself, and to God, they fly all over the room early in the morning and sometimes I wonder if God is hearing them. But, then God continues to remind me, "Bethany, you have asked that truth be revealed over and over again. I have revealed truth to you in many ways, it is okay for you to write about it. Be loving, be kind, speak the truth."
I've always talked about speaking truth, right? I guess I shouldn't be the one that shy's away from it when things look sticky. Or when I start to feel like I'm the one attacked or being misunderstood, and God reveals truth in various ways, I will use the gifts He has given me to speak about it. Thank you, Jesus!
During the breakfast saga, I was told that the breakfast was going to eventually split and there would be another breakfast in another community in our city. I was asked if I would like to head that up. I said that I thought I would like to do that. I was asked to put together a team. The idea for another breakfast was presented to the entire team and everyone was asked to pray about it, and I was asked again along with my original team member to pray about heading it up. We did. We were on board.
Then, another meeting was called, a special one for just me. I went in and I was asked why I thought I was suppose to put a team together or why I thought there was going to be another breakfast, or why I even thought I was going to be in charge? Hmmm, could it be because I was asked? Could it be because those were the words I heard and so did the other team members? Let's just say, the meeting didn't go that great, and it seemed obvious to me at that point that I was in the wrong place.
I serve a God of truth. I hear a God of truth. I live in truth and I choose to walk in truth. I'm also going to serve in truth.
God is calling me to speak, I'm speaking right now. I'm speaking out for truth. The truth for what I believe is right. The truth of God. The truth of His Spirit and for my community. The truth for what the hearts of women need in my community. The truth of what I heard that day and other days, and the truth of who I am! I am God's child, and this is how He is calling me, this is how He is working in my life now. This is the blessing He is bringing to His people, His Spirit is pouring out all around me, and I am humbled before His throne! He is leading, wooing, calling, and the people obeyed. I am one of those people!
Say That Again, Jesus, You are that way, the truth, and the life. You are my Way, my Truth, and my Life.

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