Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Renewal

I have been blessed with the company of three of my closest friends in less than 24 hours. I had dinner with my very dear friend last night, and we were able to speak more truth into each other's lives and work at deeper levels of healing and heartfelt love. We were able to pray together and I left praising God for the healing that He brings in relationship.
I was blessed with more conversation and prayer time this morning with my dearest, friend and my spirit was renewed as we spoke of the weeks happenings and all that God brings into our lives. I feel safe and blessed to have the honor of her friendship.
Then, I was triple blessed with another precious, dear friend this morning and we were able to spend time talking and catching up. Being in her life has been a gift of love, accountability, joy, and a journey that has blessed me beyond and above.
As I look at the friendships God has brought into my life, so many dear loving friends, I praise Him for the way He renews me through them. I praise Him for the way He is able to not only use me in their lives, but He uses them all the time to encourage, love, uplift, restore, and bring truth. This is a gift I once thought I would never have, yet God has seen fit to give it to me. He has renewed my life in such a way that even when I have challenges to deal with, He surrounds me with patient loving friends to listen.
He brings them to me in person, like last night and today, and before that He brought them to me by phone, email, and text. Support and renewal. This is how I am praising God today, because I know He loves me through my friends. I know He loves me through my family. I know He loves me. With that knowledge, I have a source that compels me to speak truth, I have a source that compels me to tell others that He loves them too. I have a source of strength, boldness, hope, and courage, and I know that He will continue to move me forward, as He always has!
Jesus, My loving God, Say That Again, to me. You are the Source of all things, and You bring so much renewal into my life. Thank you again, for who you are and what you do!

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  1. We do have an amazing God! What's amazing though is that He does such incredible works in our lives when we least expect it. I like to say that He's every source rolled into one!


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