Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The First Day

Well, we made it through the first day of school. I had my doubts the first hour as our son began to sob and cling to me begging to come home because he was "homesick." All my hopes of a better year was quickly vanishing as he worked every angle to get out of the school and back into the car. I finally left him in the care of his dad and waited outside the school, texting my friends to pray for extra warrior support for him.
Our daughter, on the other hand, marched into her classroom, found her desk and sat right down. Her dad, both brothers, sister in-law, and I assisted her in getting all her stuff put away in her desk and reading her first grade directions. She quickly did her connect the dots work sheet and moved on to the next one. Most of the family left her to get her 4th grade brother settled in and I remained behind with her to help her finish up. She did great. I snapped pictures of her, and she behaved as if she had been coming to school for years. When in reality, this is her first time ever! I breathed a sigh of relief, kissed her goodbye, and to my surprise felt a short pang of sadness, and headed out the door!
An hour into school, my husband broke free from our "homesick" son and we were off to enjoy our first day of quiet time without children. It was a little weird, actually. We thought about all the stuff we should do, like can the boxes of tomatoes we have or make salsa, but quickly decided against that. I longed for a wonderful walk or hike, but my husband is in a lot of pain right now with his hip, so that desire didn't come to a reality either. We decided that the park was our best option, with some books and then lunch at our favorite spot. So we packed up and headed to the park by the lake. It was relaxing and a nice way to spend our first day.
I am grateful for days like this. It has been a gift a from God. He sent calmness to my son, after awhile and when we picked him up he admitted that it had been a good day. My daughter was happy and looks forward to tomorrow. My husband and I basked in the quiet moments and were able to connect with each other and just be together. We experienced, once again, how friends are willing to pray for us in the time of need, and that is good. And, how God answers.
Jesus, You rescue. Thank you. Say That Again to me today. When I need you I can call for help and lean on your body for help, and You will rescue. What an awesome, God you are.

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  1. Great post! My youngest daughter had her first day back in preschool today. It was quiet in the house for a change, almost to quiet.How is your husband doing?


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