Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Chocolate Candy

I went to a tea party today with a close friend. We had a great time. It's the first time that I've been to a tea party, actually. All the women there were very friendly and the atmosphere was warm and pretty. The table we sat at was decorated with china and flowers and lovely bags of lavender. On each plate were three pieces of chocolate, wrapped in bright colors of shimmery cellephane. Naturally, I had to eat at least one of the chocolates right away, right? Isn't that why it's there? So, I picked the one wrapped in green, and ever so delightfully began to enjoy every bite. Just as I had put the last bite in my mouth, someone looked at me and, in an alarmed voice announced: "you are not suppose to eat the candy!! It is for a game." My mouth was still pretty full of chocolate and there wasn't too much I could do for her, so my response was rather limited.
About one minute later, another lady noticed my offense and said "you are not suppose to eat the chocolate!" By then, the chocolate in my mouth was pretty much gone, and I still didn't know exactly what to say or do in response. She continued with a reassurance: "Oh, it's ok, I'll just get some more, this chocolate is for a game, you are not suppose to eat it!"
I was giggling, with my hand over my mouth, and my friend and other women were kinda looking my way. It was too late, I had eaten the chocolate and there was no way I could redeem myself. Was it worth all the stares and the scolding? YES. The chocolate was good and she replaced it. She redeemed me, so I got my chocolate and an extra one too!
In the game of life, I know that I am not very good at the rules. I am not always very good at looking ahead and asking if I should or shouldn't. I see the chocolate, and I eat it. I jump, and think later. I live more on the edge, than in the middle. I'd rather play risk with a bowl of chocolate, than play sorry with a bowl of cherries. But, there are consequences to my methods, and I get scolded from time to time. I call it all living in faith, someone else might just call it foolish. I call it passion, and the power of the Spirit, someone else might say it's careless and reckless.
What does Jesus say? To me He says it's freedom. To me He has captured me in His hands to be free forever to live with Him. Free to eat the chocolates. Free to have the passion, free to speak the truth, have the faith, live on the edge, take the risk, free to love.
Say that Again, Jesus, I want to hear all that You say to me everyday, because I know it's important. I know it is full of life, fullness, joy, and passion, and it gives me what I need!

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