Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hip

My husband has been limping all summer with a sore hip. He went to the doctor and the doctor sent him to a physical therapist. The physical therapist gave him some exercises to do, and sent him to a massage therapist. He did all the right stuff, he took ibuprofen to help with the pain, but still his hip was really hurting, getting worse even. It changed our summer significantly, we didn't have our usual long summer walks, or bike rides. He was concerned that he might make things worse. But, now he knows that he has arthritis in his hip bones and it is what it is. A walk isn't going to make it worse, or better. He might be in pain, but it's not going to worsen his condition. Someday, he will most likely need a hip replacement. He seemed to take this news in stride, I on the other hand just cried. He is not an old man, and this did not add up in my brain. It still doesn't.
I talked to God about this for a long time yesterday and He didn't have a good answer for me. The only thing I hear from Him is the same thing He's been telling me for days now: "Bethany, it's going to be a long road, focus on me. I am here with you, I will not leave you."
My cry back to Him is, "Okay, God, what about my husband and that hip? The road for him is going to be not only long but painful?"
Same thing comes gracefully back, "focus on me, Bethany, I will not leave you."
So, I guess I am here giving my husband to my God, trusting that God will carry him down the long road. I know He will, He does that. God has kept me through my husband, and He will touch that hip and fill it with the power of His Spirit and move us both in amazing ways. He is good all the time.
Say That Again, Jesus, as I walk with You down this road, the path you have set before me. I will not waver because You are deeply rooted within me,and I love you!

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