Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Day

Today is the last day of summer. My children start school tomorrow. My baby will be in first grade, she has a whole new life ahead of her, so do I for that matter. I have had years and years at home, with children, now it's all changing. My oldest child is 27 years old, and I remember spending years at home with him and his two younger brothers. Then, When they got older, we had two more children and I continued to stay home with them, watching them grow. Now, our youngest is ready to sprout her wings and head to the first grade class room. I've checked her back pack to make sure it is free of wrenches, and we discussed the importance of manners on the playground. I'm praying that we make it though the first day without a call from the teacher. Ah, this will be a day of prayer for both her dad and me, and a day of dancing! She is very excited to go to school. She likes to learn. Her oldest brother and his wife are going to meet her at the school to help settle her in, and she is excited about wearing her new uniform.
Our son is not nearly as excited about school. He knows what school is all about and he prefers summer. He longs for the hot summer days with endless play. He wants to be with his friends in the tree house or on his bike racing around. He loves freedom. He loves to explore in the forest and swim in the lake and eat ice cream. Going back to school day after day is not his idea of a good time.
I know how they both feel. My days will be a lot like school with facilitating women's groups, and meeting with women individually. Learning more about God and His will for our community and my life and how He is working. But, I will also miss summer. I love the freedom of summer, the long hot days, the visits to the ice cream store, the hikes, the lazy nights. The children playing Lego in my foyer and the laughter in the hallway. There is going to be change. Now there will homework, crispness of Fall, and early dinners. Mornings will be brisk and quick and the whisking away of packs and books to get to school on time. Life moves on.
Jesus, teach me to grow through all the change. Keep me flexible in you and shine through me. Use me to reflect Your Image to the people I encounter through the changes this Fall. Show me where to go, what to say, who to speak to. It is all about You dear Jesus, all you.
Say that Again, Dear Jesus, You are with us on this last day of summer!

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